Interview: Pablo Pugliese and Noel Strazza

Photo: Pablo Pugliese and Noel StrazzaPablo Pugliese is a choreographer, dancer, and tango dance teacher, and lives in New York City. Noel Strazza is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, and tango teacher. She currently lives in Montreal. Pablo and Noel are tango dance partners, and during a visit to their native country, Argentina, they talked to KadmusArts after presenting the piece Madness Tango at the Cambalache Festival in December 2007.

In this interview, Pablo and Noel talk about Madness Tango, which premiered in New York and participated in the Basel Tango Festival in Switzerland. They also discuss their approach when teaching tango, as well as their independent projects in Canada and the United States. Finally, they share with us which songs and musicians they prefer to dance to, as well as why they think foreigners are so crazy about tango.

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