This One Goth Out To The One I Emo

South Park GothOK — we’ve all heard the jokes about Goths and Emos — black droopy hair, black clothes, black eyeliner, perpetual angst, and a general obsession with death, dying, and all things dead. Trouble is, there are people who take the stereotype a wee bit too seriously: some politicians in Russia are gearing up to outlaw all things Goth/Emo. It seems that they’ve decided to honor Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s memory by heeding his dyspeptic critiques of the West, while conveniently forgetting his commentary on life in the Soviet era… At any rate, here’s a playlist to give everyone a chance to go beyond the stereotype — the Goths and Emos just might have something interesting to say:

Emo Time:
Sunny Day Real Estate — Song About an Angel
Weezer — Why Bother
Braid — The New Nathan Detroits
Jimmy Eat World — Rockstar
Dashboard Confessional — Screaming Infidelities

For the Goths:
Bauhaus — Bela Lugosi’s Dead
The Sisters of Mercy — Marian
Fields of the Nephilim — For Her Light
Mephisto Walz — Mephisto Waltz
Cocteau Twins — Summerhead

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