Punk Lives! (and Crosses Over)

Pretty Little DemonsSid may be long gone, Joe Strummer drunk his last tequila, and Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee surfed forever away from Rockaway Beach, but punk is still alive and well. Debbie Harry has a new album coming out, and the old mainstays are touring and jamming it up with a new generation. A key to punk’s survival is that it’s never been a “pure” genre — Exene and John Doe mixed in folk and country for X, Debbie Harry brought pop and disco into Blondie, and John Lydon crossed over into reggae and atonal experiments with PiL. Don’t believe us? Then check out this playlist, and let your ears tell you the story:

1983 — The New World
2012 — I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
2012 — Poor Old Heartsick Me

1975 — A Girl Should Know Better
2013 — Heart of Glass
2013 — A Rose by Any Name

1978 — Public Image
2013 — This Is Not a Lovesong
2013 — One Drop

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