The RPM Challenge

RPM ChallengeYou’ll notice something unusual about this playlist — no iTunes links. Why? Well, this time around we’re highlighting works from the 2007 RPM Challenge. The challenge invites artists to create a full-fledged album in just one month, and share it for free with the world. So, if you think you’re up to the challenge in 2008, just go ahead and sign up. If you’d just like to listen to some new music, read on for our picks:

Note: there are no direct links to the songs — to listen to them, go to the RPM jukebox page, and scroll down until you see the band’s name.

EntArtEte MuSiK: Flamenco Jim Goes to Club 27
Lots of bands submitted soundtracks for imaginary films — this one actually makes them work. Perhaps they might score a film of Tennessee Williams’ memoirs?

First Post: James Brown In Space
A smooth, hip tutorial on all matters nerdcore.

George Pickard and DON: J’s Topless
This tune starts out down a country road, and then veers off, on a path goin’ somewhere else.

JC Mosquito: Blowtorch (I Can Promise You That)
Put Jimi Hendrix, Booker T., and Bob Dylan in a blender — somehow, it works.

Magpie: Trial by Adversitment Part 1: The Original C
Nothing you haven’t heard before here — but everything clicks together and works well.

Pooler: Catching the Big Fish
Worth checking out the whole album here: once you get over an initial feeling of repetition, something interesting is going on there.

ren gui lian: Gleaming City/Ghost City
The Historical Preenactment Society might adopt this as their official anthem. Another one where it’s worthwhile checking out the album.

RoboMonkeyLove: 13 days
Some nice metal chops; avoids sounding a little too much like DethKlok jumped out of your TV screen, courtesy of a sense of irony.

Said I: space cowboys: lift off
While Said I has a ways to go before matching Jeff Wayne where scifi-inspired albums are concerned, the project is ambitious, and definitely worth listening to.

The Secret People: So it Goes
The vocals need work — but the ideas are there.

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