To The Decemberists, In November

DecemberistsSome bands go for the traditional — you know, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy is woebegone. Others put a bit of a twist on this: girl meets fawn, fawn is boy, rake abducts girl, boy saves girl, boy and girl drown. Much the same, really, only a tiny bit different. The same tiny difference that you would expect from a band that has written songs inspired by David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, has included pirate shanties as a key component of their inspiration, and derived their band name from a nineteenth-century Russian uprising. Without further ado — the Decemberists:

California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade
July, July!
Billy Liar
Red Right Ankle
Sixteen Military Wives
The Mariner’s Revenge Song
O Valencia!
When The War Came
Hazards of Love 2
The Rake’s Song
Down By The Water

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