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Ingmar BergmanTwo masters of cinema — Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni — passed away on the same day at the end of July. Their attitudes towards music in their movies could not have been more different: Antonioni mistrusted music, fearing it would distract from the action on the screen, while Bergman used music to frame his works, having it stand in for dialogue at key moments in his films. Here are a few signature musical moments from the films of both directors:

Ingmar Bergman:

Wild Strawberries (1957):
Erik Nordgren — Memories

The Silence (1963):
Johann Sebastian Bach — Goldberg Variations: Variation 25

Cries and Whispers (1972):
Johann Sebastian Bach — Cello Suite No. 5: Sarabande

Autumn Sonata (1978):
Frederic Chopin — Prelude No. 2 in A Minor

Fanny and Alexander (1982):
Benjamin Britten — Suites for Cello, Op. 72, 80, 87

Michelangelo Antonioni:

L’Avventura (1960):
Giovanni Fusco — Titoli: Atmosfera Tensiva

Il Deserto Rosso (1964):
Giovanni Fusco — Astrale

Blow-Up (1966):
Herbie Hancock & The Yardbirds — Stroll On

Zabriskie Point (1970):
Jerry Garcia — Love Scene
Pink Floyd — Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up

Note: all links will open in iTunes.

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