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Zelda MedleyAll forms of sound and music, from the simplest to the most complex have served as inspiration for composers - so why not videogame sounds and themes? Granted, Pong did not have the most inspiring soundtrack ever, but things have looked up considerably since then. Here are some examples of videogame accompaniments, and some of the music videogames have inspired:

  • 14 Year Old Girls — Pacman’s in Egypt
  • 8 Bit Weapon — GameBoy Rocker
  • Beck/Paza Remix — Bit Rate Variations in B-Flat
  • David Bowie — Seven (Omikron — The Nomad Soul Version)
  • The Blue Collars — Tetris
  • Danny Elfman & Russell Shaw — Fable Theme
  • Jonathan Mann — Shigeru Miyamoto (From The Mario Opera)
  • Nobuo Uematsu — The Prelude (From Final Fantasy VII)
  • Welle: Erdball — Telespiele
  • Christopher Willits — Metroid, a.k.a. the Lovers of Samus Aran

Note: all links will open in iTunes.

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