AbbaAs a special tribute to the oh-so-brilliant decision by the Copyright Royalty Board to ensure the well-being of musicians by guaranteeing that all music will be broadcast solely by oligopolies (e.g., Clear Channel), this playlist will focus on the topic of money in song. As will be clear from the song lyrics, musicians are starry-eyed idealists, who would be taken advantage of by the rapacious indie Webcasters, were it not for the benign and wise oversight of the RIAA:

  • J.J. Cale — Money Talks
  • Deep Purple — Money Talks
  • Jerry Lee Lewis — Money
  • Lyle Lovett — M-O-N-E-Y
  • The Lovin’ Spoonful — Money
  • Pink Floyd — Money
  • Elvis Presley — Money Honey
  • Jonathan Pryce & Maria Friedman — Money, Money
  • Busta Rhymes with O.D.B. — Where’s Your Money
  • Rush — The Big Money

Note: all links will open in iTunes.

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