Welcome to the Music of Tomorrow

HAL9000Well, here we are on the eve of 2010, and not a flying car in sight. Nor, for that matter, is HAL’s birth — or rebirth — anywhere on the horizon, no matter what Arthur C. Clarke’s book says. Ah well — guess we’ll just have to ring in the new year with some of the most distinctive science fiction music ever composed. And just to keep things interesting, no themes by John Williams will be included — those get enough airplay as it is:

Richard O’Brien — Science Fiction/Double Feature (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Jerry Goldsmith — Alien Main Title
Peter Schickele — Rejoice in the Sun (from Silent Running; lyrics by Diane Lampert; sung by Joan Baez)
Basil Poledouris — RoboCop Theme
Bernard Herrmann — Outer Space (from The Day the Earth Stood Still)
Brad Fiedel — The Terminator Opening Credits
Louis and Bebe Barron — Forbidden Planet Main Titles
John Barry — Moonraker (lyrics by Hal David; sung by Shirley Bassey)
Leith Stevens — War of the Worlds Soundtrack
Clint Mansell — Welcome to Lunar Industries (from Moon)

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