Music and the Velvet Revolution

U2 Brandenburg GatePeople all around the world are currently celebrating — as well they should — the twenty-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, including a rock concert extravaganza at the Brandenburg Gate. The anniversary of Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution is coming up next week, and it seems fitting to commemorate it by listening to some of the Czech musicians that became icons for resistance to the regime, as well as their Western influences. So, as in 1989: “Let’s Wake Up Prague!”

Marta Kubisova — Ring-o-Ding
Plastic People of the Universe — Hannibal’s Wedding Party
Joan Baez — We Shall Overcome
The Velvet Underground — Heroin
Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart — The Torture Never Stops
Michael Kocab — With a Woman in Another Room
Marta Kubisova — An Adventure With the God Pan
Plastic People of the Universe — The Miraculous Mandarin
Prague Selection — Frank Zappa is Our Papa

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