KadmusArts Advertising Guide

KadmusArts is the most comprehensive website for and about every kind of dance, music, and theatre festival throughout the world. As a platform for thousands of festivals, KadmusArts.com serves as the leading resource and social network for festivals, audiences, artists, fans, and cultural tourists. This festival market is approximately a $55 billion industry in Western Europe and the United States alone. Our site serves 142 countries, and expands from users’ posts every day. KadmusArts is designed to be at the center of this worldwide market — across countries, cultures, and generations.

Our site traffic has significant and consistent growth each month. Our geographical reach is global — fully a third of all traffic comes from outside the U.S.

Contact Ana Maria Harkins about advertising opportunities at anamariah@kadmusarts.com or call at (802) 442-3901.

Targeted Advertising

The KadmusArts website is designed to accommodate highly targeted advertising opportunities to our audiences in travel, tourism, entertainment and culture. We can create a customized advertising campaign that incorporates your marketing and branding priorities: maximum sponsorship, or you can focus on a geographical region, specific type of festival, or a combination of categories.

KadmusArts Advertising Products

The advertising products listed below provide a wide variety of design options for your ad. We can help you with design as part of your ad campaign on KadmusArts.com.

Full BannerHeadlines the page’s opening or closing - your choice. A striking format, excellent for brand association.468x60  Full Banner
SkyscraperThis format dominates the page and is excellent for brand association.120x600Skyscraper
Vertical BannerThe distinctiveness of tall formats, without the cost of the skyscraper - ideal for combining text and images.120x240Vertical Banner
Button 1A compact and economical format that still packs a punch when displaying an image.120x90 Button 1
Button 2Efficient and compact, the most economical way to get your message across - particularly well-suited to text advertising.120x60 Button 2

Submission Guidelines

Advertising information should be sent in plain text (rather than HTML). Images can be sent as either JPEG or GIF files. We do not accept Flash or third party serving. We reserve the right to compress files to ensure that pages load quickly. KadmusArts reserves the right to reject inappropriate text or images.


KadmusArts will work with you to ensure that the campaign you’ve selected is achieving your goals. We will report to you on a monthly basis about visitors to the site as well as traffic to your selected pages.