About KadmusArts:

KadmusArts.com is a site for the festival community: the organizers, the sponsors, the artists, and most importantly, the audiences.

Our name comes from ancient Greek mythology about culture. Kadmus founded the city of Thebes and created the alphabet for humankind. At his marriage to the goddess Harmony, Kadmus was given the privilege of hearing the Muses sing. Their ceremony was the last time that the Gods revealed themselves as they truly were to humankind. After the marriage, gods were always disguised when they interacted with humans. Then again, as in all great myths — and performances — the starting line might be, “It was and it was not…”

Of course, the ancient Greeks also brought us the modern festival: a coming together of artists and audiences to create a communal experience of enlightenment and fun.

From our small studio in the Green Mountain State (Vermont) of the United States, we created the site to help artists, audiences, cultural travelers and festival colleagues find each other — all over the world. Through word-of-mouth and the participation of festivals, artists, and audiences, KadmusArts.com is now the web’s most popular portal to every kind of dance, music, and theatre festival throughout the world. Festival goers of the world unite!

This site’s goal is to make festivals more accessible and to promote the meeting of cultures, performances, and artists. As you can see on the site, everything is open — and free.

If you like to travel, want to connect to the best in dance, music, and theatre, and want to follow the latest trends in live entertainment, then we are here for you.

The site is part of KadmusArts Company, an arts and technology company devoted to connecting audiences to arts, culture, and entertainment around the world. In addition to our festival website, KadmusArts helps arts, media, and entertainment companies tell their story online to deepen the connection to their current audience, and reach new audiences. Our clients range from the Ovation television network, to the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, the world’s largest arts presenters organization, to the remarkable poet, Mary Oliver.

KadmusArts’ multi-lingual team brings together extensive experience in the arts, education, international development, and producing: using today’s technology for tomorrow’s audience.

KadmusArts maintains an up-to-date and thorough database of world-wide information on artists, performances, arts organizations, entertainment and cultural initiatives to inform our content packages for media distribution and fans.

We love to promote artistic accomplishment and cultural tourism. We share a commitment to make connections from one country to another, from one culture to another, and from one individual to another.

Every day there is a festival taking place somewhere in the world.

Don’t you think it’s a good day when your life becomes a festival?


The Team:

Ana Maria HarkinsAna Maria Harkins, Chief Operating Officer
Ann JareckieAnn Jareckie, Administration and Research Coordinator
Ruben R. PuenteduraRuben R. Puentedura, Chief Technology Officer
Bill ReichblumBill Reichblum, Founder and CEO
Soledad RodriguezSoledad Rodriguez, Researcher
Sofiya SkachkoSofiya Skachko, Content and Research Developer
YouYou, to join our team, please contact: anamariah@KadmusArts.com