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  Transmission T-Mobile event airs on Channel 4 October 5, 2007
« on: October 05, 2007, 10:04:48 AM » by annj
Airing tonight (October 5th at 11:30pm on channel  4 and repeated at 2:00pm on T4 on Saturday, October 6th) on Channel 4 from London is the Transmission T-Mobile :

Live performances by:
The Coral
Roisin Murphy
Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong
The Cribs
With guests:
Martin Freeman
Kelly Jones from Stereophonics

To view the preview video please click on the link below.

For more information visit: http://www.channel4.com/music/transmission/index.html

Kelly Jones interview ‚ Transmission with T-Mobile: Show 3, tx Friday 5th October at 11.30pm on C4

Steve Jones: What has happened in your life recently?

Kelly Jones: I had a bit of a gash, which er, you're quite familiar with
gash aren't you?

SJ: Yeah, yeah (laughter) Let's keep the focus on you for a moment. Tell
us about your gash

KJ: Well that's why I was in the toilet, but that's another story

SJ: Let's go back to the start. Go back to the start. Tell us exactly what
happened. I'm intrigued. I'm sure all of us are

KJ: Well we played the, we played the awards and then we went to this
night club about 10 o'clock, half past ten, had a few drinks. A few of the
boys had a bit of hassle off some of these bouncers for going back to the
toilet, going for a fag, whatever they was

SJ: They were going to smoke cigarettes in the toilet?

KJ: Well upstairs. Going to the toilet was two separate things. And then
the kid from the Pigeon Detectives got pushed about a bit, so we told them
all to calm down. And then, er, we just decided to leave and we gave some
people a shout in the toilets, tell them the car was upstairs (laugh)

SJ: Ok, so considerate!

KJ: Well you've got to coz there was no service on the phone

SJ: Oh yeah, naturally, naturally

KJ: So and as we did that he come up and said, what are you doing in the
women's toilets?And I said I haven't been in the women's toilets. He was a
fucking cleaner! We didn't even see anyone in the women's toilet. Apart
from a woman with a mop

SJ: You weren't shagging a woman with a mop were you?!

KJ: No I wasn't no, I took the mop out of her hand first. I left the
curlers in and I definitely left the rubber glove on. But apart from that,
she wasn't bad. And then er, the bouncer came out and he said what are you
doing in there? I said I was talking to the cleaner, and he picked me up
and carried me up the stairs. So I kept still then just in case it took my
head off. But then my mate was laughing so he did the same to him. So he
threw us out on to the street, so then it wasn't that funny anymore really.

SJ: No, it's getting a bit serious

KJ: Then loads of blood started coming out of my sleeve

SJ: but how did the cut happen though?

KJ: I don't know, we don't really know

SJ: It was reported you fell on a glass

KJ: yeah, it must have been a big one. No, we don't know if it was done in
the way up, if something happened with catching on something. The coppers
went back down to talk to the security boys and they reckon when I pulled
back I knocked over a glass vase‚ and er, that was the end of that really

SJ: did you have any tetanus, by the way?

KJ: I don't know what I had, but it was good

SJ: That's not a drink by the way that's something to stop you getting
infections and stuff

KJ: Oh yeah, I've had one in my time. When I went to Thailand or
something, perhaps

SJ: Tell us about the surgery involved, coz this contraption here, you
look like a Power Ranger or something. What's going on, what's that about?

KJ: I had this today for effect. No erm, it was er, the slash was about
there (points to a place on his arm) and it cut the muscle that controls,
40% of the muscle that controls your wrist was knackered, and 20% of the
one with your tendons was knackered. So they had to stitch the muscled
back and er..

SJ: were you under for this, were you under anesthetic?

KJ: I was yeah. That was brilliant that was

SJ: I bet it was

KJ: Yeah it was good. I waited for about 20 hours for everyone, I woke up
and the woman said, do you want a drink?‚ and I said I'll have a gin and
tonic‚ and then we had a conversation about Bombay Sapphire for about 10
minutes. And then I had a lamb bhuna and then I went home

SJ: is there any chance of you releasing a psychedelia album after your
experience on drugs, during surgery I mean?

KJ: It is remarkable how much you can actually feel it going through your
veins in to you head. I'm not going to brag about it all but you can see
the attraction

SJ: Tell me, the tour of the new album, is that going to happen. Are you
going to be able to do your thing? Will it go back to 100%?

KJ: It's funny because you walk down the street and people go ‚It is your
guitar hand? I'm like, it's like asking a footballer if that's your
football leg, you need the fucking two of them! So erm yeah, hopefully
within about 4 weeks  it should be working apparently. I can move it and
all that, just the reason that's on it (referring to cast) is so that you
don't bend it the wrong was so the muscle doesn't  snap apparently

SJ: oh god

KJ: I don't need that do I?

SJ: No, course you don't

KJ: Left hand's coming in very strong

SJ: Yeah? Strong wrists (laughter)

KJ: The strength is building up

SJ: I normally wank with two hands (laughter)

KJ: Do you?

SJ: Yeah

KJ: At the same time?

SJ: It's a big job

KJ: I tried to do it with the bandage on to make it feel like it was
somebody else's hand but it was a bit slow (laughter)

SJ: Do you promise to come back and play the show?

KJ: Yeah well, I'd love to, yeah, definitely

SJ: Stick around coz I'll treat you to some bevvies later, coz you need
cheering up

KJ: I will

SJ: Kelly Jones everyone

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