A Smart Start for 2009 - The Lafayette Quaker Oatmeal Festival

Quaker Oats

Photo by rakka — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Unless you, dear reader, know something that we don’t, the Lafayette Oatmeal Festival is the only festival in the world dedicated entirely to soluble fibers. After the construction of a highway bypass in 1996, a group of local businesses got together to come up with a way to divert traffic through the historical center of Lafayette, Colorado. The solution they found was an unusual one, but with 3,500 participants in 2008, The Lafayette Quaker Oatmeal Festival has turned into a healthy tradition.

The festival begins with a gigantic oatmeal breakfast overseen by Colorado State Legislator Paul Weissmann. In addition to 200 gallons of oatmeal, 4,600 oatmeal pancakes and 1,400 fresh oatmeal muffins, the festival boasts the world’s largest oatmeal toppings bar with 140 choices.

The fun continues long after the cholesterol-lowering benefits of oatmeal kick in. After breakfast, there is a health fair with free screenings, interactive stations and the ever-tempting “fat vest”: a weighted apparatus that allows you to experience what an extra twenty pounds would do to your body.

Feeling energetic? The Quicker Quaker 5k Walk/Run is a smart way to show friends and family that you actually intend to keep your New Year’s resolution this time around, and afterwards you can reward yourself at the scrumptious baking contest while they’re not looking. Other attractions include an art fair showcasing the work of Lafayette students, a blood drive and the Quaker Smart Heart Start Challenge. Qualifying participants can challenge the FDA’s claim that 3 daily grams of soluble fiber can be beneficial to heart health and make off with a month worth of oatmeal and two free heart screenings if they pledge to eat a bowl of oatmeal every day for 30 days.

As if all this heart-healthy activity wasn’t enough, the Lafayette Oatmeal Festival is a “Zero-Waste” event and the recipient of a Bronze Environmental Achievement Award from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

For other feel-good festivals in Colorado, click here.

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One Response to “A Smart Start for 2009 - The Lafayette Quaker Oatmeal Festival”

  1. Peter Edgell
    November 2nd, 2009 11:18

    You probably have received this information. Oatmeal, Texas and nearby Bertram, Texas has had an Oatmeal Festival on Labor Day Weekend every year since 1978. It was formed as a spoof on chili cookoff contests held regularly in Texas, and as a protest because the official Texas state map didn’t put Oatmeal, Texas on the map since it had no major cross roads.

    I write about oatmeal regularly on my Facebook account. This started because I once wrote about having oatmeal for breakfast and how good it was with raisins, walnuts, cinnamon and vanilla. A facebook friend who had once been a rider on the schoolbus that I drove in Benson, Arizona, said that he had heard the demographic for Facebook was getting older. It must be,he said, if some old guy is talking about eating oatmeal. I ran with that and started writing about oatmeal almost every day in my status reports. I always end my oatmeal observations with Brought to you by the Oatmeal Council. Oatmeal…It’s What’s For Breakfast.

    On our way to Austin, my wife and I made a pilgrimage to Oatmeal and to Bertram which is nearby and has more motel rooms to hold the masses that pour in for the annual festival.
    I have told my Facebook friends about the two festivals. Theirs is sponsored by Three-Minute Oatmeal and yours by Quaker Oats.

    I have a facebook friend who used Photoshop to add my face to the Quaker Oats carton. I sometimes use that as my profile picture.

    Many of my friends wanted to know if I had seen the commercial where a man straps on two Quaker oats cartons to his back and jets off to meet the day ahead.

    Do you do an oatmeal cook-off? Seems a natural idea for such an event. A dress up contest where people dress in an oatmeal related theme. I can see quite a few men dressing as the Quaker Oats man. Perhaps some would have Quaker Oats containers strapped to their backs.

    I just realized that you probably aren’t even connected to this event. I’ll look again to see who I can contact about this.
    Thank you,

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