Musical Empanadas

Photo by protoflux — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

This week’s food blog is a nod to our friends at Zero Hour Tango Festival, which encompasses not just dance, but also the music, poetry, lifestyle, and of course, food of tango. The festival features two events — “Food for the Soul: Talking Tango, Eating Tapas” — where you’ll be introduced to Argentine empanadas.

Empanadas are one among a huge array of tapas — small servings of food that vary from Manchego cheese to sauteed shrimp, designed to accompany you on a great evening with friends. When you are still at the bar at that zero hour when the clock strikes midnight, grab a plate of these savory empanadas.

Be sure to check out the KadmusArts interview with Alfredo Minetti, producer of this new and exciting tango festival.

- Ana Maria Harkins

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