Dim Sum Buns

Photo by Alpha — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

The Hong Kong Arts Festival exemplifies the truly cosmopolitan and international flavor of this city. With somewhere between 6,000 - 11,000 licensed restaurants, you can find almost any kind of cuisine.

However, most agree that no experience of Hong Kong is complete without the Cantonese specialty of dim sum. These delectable snacks are served in bamboo steamer baskets, and allow you to sample a wide range of flavors and ingredients.

This recipe for Barbecued Pork Buns includes all the instructions for the pork, bun filling and bun dough, but don’t feel guilty about buying some BBQ pork from a good chinese restaurant to save time. The real question is, will the serving yield of sixteen buns be enough?

For a whirlwind overview of Hong Kong food, check out this fun video:
Have You Eaten Yet?

- Ana Maria Harkins

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