Bonnaroo Makes Me Hungry - Trail Mix for the Soul

Trail Mix

Photo by Andy Melton — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Bonnaroo is a big, big festival and over the past several years they’ve been making an equally big effort to green the 4-day event. In 2008, they were one of six festivals in the world to receive an Outstanding Greener Festival award from A Greener Festival. This year, they’ve received a second award for initiatives such as a permanent onsite electricity program, a bottle-less water program, and public access to a compost heap and vegetable garden.

“Local is Sustainable” is the principle that informs the festival’s decision making process on a number of levels. They include a Green Guide in their employee manuals, sponsorship and vendor guides, and enjoy a long-term partnership with Carbon Shredders. This week, Bonnaroo-goers will be eating food wrapped in biodegradable packaging, and eating it with cutlery made out of corn. (Finally, a good use for high fructose corn syrup!) All the lumber used on site has been locally logged and milled, and any waste generated by the many equines on the property will be donated back to local farmers for their crops. And if you prefer your local Sal Val to Saks, you’ll be happy to know that 50% of the furniture and decoration used on site comes from hotel liquidators or thrift shops, and is reused every year. In case you’ve been in hibernation, second-hand is the new black.

You can read more about Bonnaroo on our home page, (and you really should — where else can you hear Phoenix, Bruce Springsteen, Femi Kuti and Snoop Dog in the same day?), but you’re probably wondering when we’re going to get to the eats.

Being hungry, thirsty, mosquito-bitten and damp is a part of the festival life. This week’s recipe can help you out with the first of these discomforts. Hikers, Alpha Moms and economy class travelers know about the power of trail mix, and co-op goers know the power of raw food. So this week, we’re combining the two in an All Mighty Raw Food Trail Mix that will get you through Bonnaroo. It takes all of one minute to make, and it doesn’t involve lines. It does, however, necessitate the procurement of Goji Berries and Cacao Nibs. The recipe is part of a Raw Food podcast called “Supercharge Me”, hosted by Jenna Norwood, who looks lovelier in person than she does with the Trump-esque combover she’s sporting here. But no matter. Personally, I like to throw in a bit of white chocolate but it really depends on the temperature of your handbag. (Or manbag — trail mix is for everyone!)

Got a trail mix recipe that beats Jenna’s? Feel free to comment. Sort of bummed you decided not to go to Bonnaroo this year? There’s still time to get to Tennessee!

- Courtney Maum

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