Sweet Child O’Mine - Tempting Desserts from the Land of the Long White Cloud


Photo by Peter Renshaw — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

There are two aptly named shows taking place at this week’s New Zealand International Comedy Festival that make me feel as if I’m sharing a private joke with myself. The first is “Misfits, Failures and Those Who Died Trying”, which certainly applies to anyone who attempted to make last week’s Boiled Boxty. The second is entitled, “Making S%!T Up” and I don’t feel the need to comment on that.

New Zealand is a neat country- their national icon is a flightless bird called the kiwi. Their national rugby team, the All Blacks, performs a traditional Maori challenge called the Haka before each match, insinuating the unimaginable wrath they are going to bring down upon the other team by way of screams and gestures. (You can see a version of it here, but beware, you’ll never want to step out on a rugby field again.)

But New Zealanders have a soft side, including a penchant for all things sweet and gooey. This week, we’ll be looking at two national desserts that you might want to try out for Mother’s Day . (Or any day, for that matter — but nothing says “I love you” like the gift of sugar). Our first DIY delicacy is the much-loved Lamington: a cube of butter cake traditionally coated in chocolate icing and dessicated coconut, with a thick layer of cream. Charles Cochrane-Baillie, the governor of Queensland for which the Lamington was reportedly named, oft-referred to them as “bloody poofy wooly biscuits”. Hmmm. Well, I don’t think they’re poofy at all — they look quite nice, actually. You can try the chocolate version here, or the pretty-in-pink version, preferred in New Zealand.

Next up is the Lolly Cake, which sounds like just the thing for a perfect spring Sunday. Unique to New Zealand, the log-shaped cake is not made with lollipops, but with candy — Fruit Puffs, to be exact. And malt biscuits. And some people throw in marshmallows. It’s sort of like a fruitcake, except that it’s edible, and very, very sweet. You can find a Lolly cake recipe here, with US conversions and interesting side tales. One user suggested using chopped up snakes instead of milk puffs, and after a bit of research, it appears this is Australian for gummies. I hope.

For more entertaining things to do in New Zealand, hop over here.

- Courtney Maum

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One Response to “Sweet Child O’Mine - Tempting Desserts from the Land of the Long White Cloud”

  1. Recipe Collector
    June 11th, 2009 03:20

    Yummmmyy!! I was left here craving for those sweet treats you mentioned. Gotta have those! Wish I could be in New Zealand. Their cakes are the best! Thanks for sharing this.

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