Crustacean Caldo

Moreton Bay Bugs

Photo by littlestar19 — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

The Anywhere Theatre Festival takes place in the heart of Brisbane in Queensland. It’s a beautiful coastal city that also serves as an important port for the commercial seafood market. Just off its shores is Moreton Bay, a lagoon protected by a series of barrier islands. It is here that we came across something called the Moreton Bay Bug, a type of crustacean a bit smaller than a crayfish. The edible part is in the tail and it can be grilled, poached or baked.

If you’d like to give this shellfish a try but can’t find the real thing (which is also called slipper lobster in other parts of the world), this recipe for Lobster or Crayfish Soup is a lovely substitute. Serve it with some crusty bread and a bracing Queensland wine and you have a wonderful start to your festival night.

- Ana Maria Harkins

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