Ginger Lemonade


Photo by Robb & Jessie Stankey — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Like all great festivals, Coachella makes sure that an array of food and beverages are available for festival fans to enjoy, making for a complete and relaxing experience. At the campgrounds you’ll find everything from burritos to johnny cakes and “hangover hash”. Speaking of which, there are full bars in different areas of the festival ranging from mixologists concocting fancy cocktails to guys with beer in plastic cups.

As you know if you’ve reviewed the KadmusArts Essential Festival Packing List, Mick Jagger drinks two glasses of water for every one glass of alcohol. Please heed this advice as you prepare this amazingly refreshing Ginger Lemonade, which calls for eight ounces of vodka. You can also leave out the booze and opt for just club soda to augment the lemonade.

- Ana Maria Harkins

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