VISIT Vancouver! EAT Vancouver! - The EAT! Vancouver Food Festival is Well Worth the Trip

Granville Public Market

Photo by Evan Leeson — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

This week we move to Vancouver, the host city of our featured PuSH Performing Arts Fest. Vancouver has become a much-talked about destination for arts, culture and food as of late, and it’s no wonder why. A city that can attract both Taylor Mac and Mac & Cheese is a city I want to discover.

The seventh annual EAT! Vancouver food festival is a three-day extravaganza attracting hundreds of exhibitors from all across the world. In addition to the latest and greatest in food, beverage and cooking equipment, the festival brings in a generous helping of celebrity chefs. A new addition to the Food Network team, pasty whiz Anna Olson will be in attendance, along with grilling guru Naz Cavallaro and Vancouver’s own Iron Chef winner, Rob Feenie. Don’t watch the Food Network? Don’t fancy the TV? Head over to the wellness pavilion where you can scope out the latest additions to the burgeoning market of organic, fair trade and socially-responsible products.

Not feeling very responsible? Have a high time at the wine, beer and spirits tasting pavilion before gleaning some grilling tips (and wings!) at the BBQ competition. Feeling chatty? Talk with brewers, vintners, chefs, cheese mongers and cookbook authors until your appetite comes back.

One of the most anticipated events at the festival is the The Master Chef cooking competition sponsored by Citytv. In this “black box” style contest, chefs are presented with a box of unknown ingredients. Once it’s open, the competitor needs to create a main course in 35 minutes using only the ingredients found in his box. I don’t know about you, but it takes me that long to figure out what the heck I feel like eating, let alone cook it.

Not yet convinced that your next trip should be to Vancouver? Check out these other festivals in the city where all prosper “by land, sea, and air”… and food.

- Courtney Maum

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