International Folk Festival

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Country and Region ItalySardinia
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Sestu and Sinnai, Sardinia, Italy
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Festival Description

The festival is where national and international groups gather to perform and share in their folk heritage. They will also have the opportunity to visit Sardinia as the festival engages groups in various locations. The groups will have every morning free and moreover one full day free.

Sestu and Sinnai arise between the plains of the Campidano the largest plain of Sardinia, are common among the largest in Sardinia, Sinnai also includes the villages of San Gregorio and Tasonis within and along the coast, Solanas, Genn’e Mari part of Torre delle Stelle. The two towns are connected in an efficient enough to the city of Cagliari, the center of which is to access by 10 minutes, as well as the airport and the port of capital Sardinia.

The roots of Sestu and Sinnai are to be found in ancient times, it can be stated with certainty that in the period of the Judged and the municipalities of Sestu and Sinnai were present and belonged to the Judge of Cagliari.The History of Sestu and Sinnai then embraces the history of the whole island, countries are therefore influenced by various rulers over the centuries struck the island of Sardinia.

Festival Dates July 26 - August 5, 2013
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Practical Info:

Participant’s information 2013:
  • Arrival in Sardinia, in the town of Sestu on the 26th July 2013 by 5:00pm and leaving on the 5th August 2013, by 09.00am.
  • Participants must accept and understand the conditions indicated below:
    • Travel expenses from our Country to Sardinia and vice versa are the participating groups’ responsibility
    • If flying to Sardinia, the chosen airport where groups must fly to is the Cagliari-Elmas airport where a bus free of charge will be picking groups up and taking them to the accommodation location.
    • Accommodation is arranged in a modern school with rooms containing up to 10 beds each, bathrooms are shared and cleaned
    • Three meals are provided free of charge (breakfast, lunch and dinner with beverage included), which are served in the school canteen as self-service
    • Groups performances are scheduled from late afternoon onwards, further details below
    • Local transportation from the accommodation place to the various performances places is provided and free of charge
    • No performances in the mornings at all, therefore attendees are free to make any plans and as a suggestion, attendees could visit Sardinia, in which case if needed a local guide can be provided free of charge (as far as transport is concerned, organisers can help with hiring a bus which cost is at groups responsibility). As Night time fun, Disco-Clubs are available
    • Performances last from 30 to 40 minutes plus 3 traditional songs; Performances music must be played live or by using CD/DVD as long as they are of a good quality
    • Festival attendees Group maximum number is 30 persons
    • Each participant’s daily fee is €10,00
    • 10 extra persons exceeding the 30 people mentioned above are allowed. Each extra participant daily fee is €10.00 plus €10.00 (€20.00) for groups arriving by bus, while €10.00 plus €20.00 (€30.00) for groups arriving by plain
  • Total amount of the attending fees need to be paid as per details below:
    • 30% by the 28st February 2013 and the remaining 70% by the 26th June 2013
    • No refund will be given.


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