International folk dance festival “Sounds of the Mountains”

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Country and Region BulgariaBlagovgrad
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Bansko, Blagovgrad, Bulgaria
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Festival Story:

The village of Bansko was formed centuries ago by settlers along the Glazne River near Pirin Mountain. Bansko is known for its individual past and authentic cultural heritage, ethnography and customs that make Bansko an extremely rich catalogue of cultural events that have preserved the traditions in folklore, customs, woodcarving, painting and are of regional importance. In addition, the town hosts a number of large sports competitions during the summer and winter.

Today, Bansko is certainly one of the jewels in Bulgaria’s tourism crown. This charming, historic town is located in the broad Mesta River plain, which is bordered by three mountain groups: the Rila, Rhodopes and Pirin. The unique combination of a well developed mountain resort and a living historical town turns it into an elegant place for entertainment. Of course there’s a lot to see in the town of Bansko itself, with around 120 cultural and historical monuments and a lot to explore. Various souvenir shops offer the creations of the local artists and smiths.


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