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Country and Region ItalyEmilia-Romangna
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Bologna, Emilia-Romangna, Italy
Festival Contact Information

℅ Liv Performing Arts Centre
Via Rl Sanzio 6
40133 Bologna, Italy

Festival Description

TRENOff is the first Fringe Festival in Bologna. “Fringe” identifies those experiences that are at borders of the common production and distribution system, which ranks as alternative expressions of innovation, experimentation and avant-garde. Fringe is all that is “at the edge”, “from the suburbs”, for this reason Instabili Vaganti who conceived the Festival and will ensure its artistic direction, has chosen as location, one of the most famous suburbs of the city of Bologna: the Barca’s area with its public housing complex called “Train” for its architectural form and from which the Festival takes its name.

Divided into artistic and creative coaches, TRENOff offers an international platform to indipendent groups and individual artists who carry out research in the contemporary, trough moments of performance, capable of interfacing directly with urban spaces, changing their function and appearance, with an easy approach and without long preparation, in a happening and performance perspective. The Festival will take place in a public place, lived, acted by the common people, in a multiethnic, multicultural area, open, like a gesture of breaking into everyday life in order to cross the boundaries between art and life. The Festival is an opportunity for interaction and exchange between artists, audience, actors, and was created with the intent to promote new means of dissemination of contemporary culture through performances ,installations, and all forms of art capable of interfacing with an urban space retrained, rethought and redesigned.

TRENOff wants to open an active reflection overcoming sterile models and promoting the collective creation of a contemporary language visible within the city. The aim is to encourage citizen participation in the process of contemporary artistic creation and, in this regard, the following notice is addressed to all those who wish to take part in this initiative.

Festival Dates September 13 - 16, 2012
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Festival Events:

Workshops 2012:
  • Call of participation in the special events of festival
    Among the form of supports for the project, were created in TRENOff, some training courses aimed at the creation of two events that will be presented during the Festival. The workshops will have a nominal cost that will support the artists involved in the project and includes a membership card and insurance.
  • Dodes’ka-den
    Workshop of Urban physical theatre
    Directed by Instabili Vaganti
    September 7 – 11 2012
    LIV Performing Arts Centre, Bologna, Italy
    • The workshop is aimed to create the itinerant performance Dodes’ka-den that will open the I°edition of TRENO Fringe Festival on 14th September 2012 Bologna. The project is inspired by Akira Kurosawa movie “Dodes’ka-den” and is aimed to produce an itinerant outdoor performance with the participants that will have its premiere at the I° edition of TRENO Fringe Festival, in the suggestive urban spaces of a long building called “The Train” in Bologna, Italy, on 14th September 2012. The participants will interact with the urban areas and elements through the use of their body and some acrobatic and dynamic balance techniques in relation with metal barrels which will be the practicable elements of the performance. The participants will be led through the creative exploration of these objects in order to create individual and choral actions that will be part of the itinerant performance.
      Schedule — September 7 – 11, 17:00 – 21:00: workshop
      September 12 – 13, 18:00: rehearsals
      September 14, 19:30: performance
      Fee €80,00
  • Soli contro tutti
    Workshop for the creation of a concert with 50 guitarists and electric bassists.
    Directed by Aidoru
    September 6 - 7, 2012
    September 14, Performance with participants at the workshop.
    • Workshop for the creation of an orchestra of guitars and basses for the performance titled Soli contro tutti. The orchestra will be led by Dario Giovannini of Aidoru Association. To participate you simply need to bring your own instrument and your amplifier. One does not need specific musical technical skills , the orchestra and the repertoire will be articulated and structured according to the musicians who will participate in the workshop.
      Schedule September 6 – 7, 18:00 – 23:00: workshop
      September 14, 19:30: performance
      Fee €30,00
      Info and registration Tel 0519911785 no later than August 31, 2012.
  • Information
    • TRENOff
      c/o Liv Perfroming Arts Centre
      Via R. Sanzio 6,
      40133 Bologna
      Phone: +39 0519911785


Practical Info:

Photo slideshow credits:
  • In order of appearance
    • Electric guitarists
    • “Tantò” by Kandaer, photo by Hyena Photography
    • “The Contemporary Hermit” by Instabili Vaganti, photo by Francesca Pianzola
    • “Dodes’ka-den”, photo by Valerio Agolino
    • “The Contemporary Hermit” by Instabili Vaganti, photo by Francesca Pianzola


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