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Country and Region United KingdomEngland
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Leicestershire, England, UK
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Festival Description

Noisily Festival of electronic music and arts is a unique and exciting new offering to the Summer calender. Set in a beautiful woodland playground in the rolling Leicestershire countryside less than one hour from Kings Cross, Noisily will be a fully immersive environment, allowing attendees to truly let themselves go for an entire weekend of unrestrained hedonism.

Across two main stages and a smattering of mini venues hidden in the forest, there will be a carefully curated line up of some of the finest electronic music that Britain and the world has to offer. On your journeys between these musical delicacies you will find a plethora of art and interactive performance, providing hours of entertainment. Welcome to a place where boredom is impossible - Noisily Festival.

In keeping with our beautiful site, structures will be made out of the copious local materials found in the forest, to enable us to deliver a festival which fits into the landscape rather than sits on it. Our master carpenters are already busy designing our woodland furniture and The Treehouse stage, while our decor team dedicate their boundless creativity to ensure that the whole forest will be visually stunning.

So, join us in the woods for what is set to be one of the most beautiful and creative celebrations of music and arts in the UK.

Festival Dates May 24 - 27, 2013
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Festival Events:

Lineup 2013:
  • Perfect Stranger
  • Plump DJs
  • Electric Rescue
  • Citizen, Avalon
  • Electrixx
  • Mak & Pasteman
  • Ticon
  • Medlar
  • Dale Howard
  • Eveson
  • Mat.Joe
  • Lucas
  • James Monro
  • Atomic Drop
  • Monte
  • Dirty Saffi
  • Cubiq
  • DJ Nuky
  • Liquid Ross
  • Ted Alexander
  • DEMS
  • Bahar Canca
  • Cash Back
  • Moho Mynoki
  • Mt Wolf
  • Captain Flatcap
  • Tom Real
  • The Voyeurist
  • Bolts
  • Eniz
  • Dirty Mother Phunkers
  • Daffadam
  • Nick Duffy
  • Lizzle
  • Samson
  • Audley
  • Jasper
  • Croz
  • Rufus
  • Rollo
  • Alex Crescent
  • Andrew Hill
  • Jessica Doyle
  • 2cBeebies
  • Christopher Boeing
  • Lumi
  • Jonny Tawn
  • Leckie & Shann
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Fede
  • Jackson
  • Miles From Anywhere
  • Pablo Vamoosh
  • Kearney Sound
  • Lucas Freeman
  • YoishPloish
  • Flash


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Practical Info:

Tickets 2013:
  • Ticket Price
    • £70 Earlybirds (limited)
    • £80 Standard
  • Online at
  • Full information / tickets:
  • Coney Woods
    Noseley Hall
    Noseley, Leicestershire, LE7 9EH
  • Yurts
    • Don’t fancy slumming it in a tent? Well, we’ve teamed up with a great new company called Greenyurts, who build their own wonderful yurts and are going to bring them along to Noisily. This is what they have to say for themselves: Our hand built yurts are made from all natural materials, are 16 ft in diameter and sleep 6 people comfortably. They are fully waterproof and have a lockable door, so you know that your possessions will be safe while you are having a good time!
    • For more information or booking contact
      Greenyurts’ video here
  • We offer 3 options:
    • Unfurnished: yurt with lockable door. £450 - £25 per person, per night
    • Semi-furnished: yurt with lockable door, side tables, cushions, blankets etc. £580 - £32 per person, per night
    • Furnished: yurt with lockable door, side tables, cushions, blankets, mattresses, pillows etc. £650 - £36 per person, per night.
  • Campervans
    • Campervans are welcome but you will be charged a fee of £10.
  • By Train
    • The easiest and of course greenest way to reach us is to hop on the train to Market Harborough, which only takes one hour to reach from London Kings Cross. If you’re planning on using this train in rush hour we’d strongly advise booking in advance as these fares can shoot up. On Friday, there will be taxis for you to hop on which will take you the remaining 15 minutes to Noisily, and the same for the return trip on Sunday evening and Monday morning.
  • By Car
    • If you are coming by car, then please use our friends over at Go Car Share, who can help you fill your car or find a space for you if you are a lonely car-less passenger. In this way you can make some new friends, save money on petrol and save the planet in one fell swoop — who’d have thought it. Parking will be available.


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