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Official signing ceremony. Photos courtesy of INTERKULTUR.
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Country and Region LatviaRiga
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Riga, Riga, Latvia
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Am Weingarten 3
35415 Pohlheim
Phone: +49 (0)6403-9565-25
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Festival Description

July 9-19, 2013 — Riga, Latvia:
  • In 2014, Riga will not only be the European Capital of Culture, but also the World Capital of Choral Music.
    The 8th World Choir Games – the world’s largest choir competition – will bring the international flair of the Choir Olympic idea to one of the most traditional singer regions world-wide in the summer of 2014.
    After the amazing success in China 2010 and with the greatest expectations for the United States this year, the most impressive and innovative choral event returns to Europe. Latvia as well as the other Baltic States have an impressive history where passionate singing plays a leading role for the entire state.
    The World Choir Games, also known as “the Olympics for Choirs”, therefore look forward to a further superb highlight in Riga in 2014. Based on the great national tradition an incredible international choir festival will be organized. As always the possibilities of participation will be manifold:
  • The competition offers many possibilities of participation in more than 20 categories to amateur choirs of any genre or line-up.
    • Champions Competitions for internationally experienced choirs
    • Open Competitions for all choirs in the spirit of the Olympic ideal: “Participation is the highest honor”
  • Various performing and evaluation possibilities with internationally renowned choral music experts
  • Joint concerts with choirs from all over the world in numerous Friendship Concerts
  • Gala Concerts for international top choirs
  • Official major events like grand Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
  • In particular, the unforgettable Award Ceremonies the World Choir Games are known for will provide unbelievable and emotional moments to all participants.

Festival Dates July 9 - 19, 2014
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Festival Story:

A view to the future and a look back: You still might ask what it all can be about Latvia. The Latvian Minister of Culture was talking about that in an official interview by Guangzhou Tv and also Latvian singers introduced their traditions to officials, singers of the world and visitors in China.

Latvia, a small country with strong traditions in art and singing is not the focus of the choral world for the first time — as the Baltic countries stand as a symbol of choral music, choral singing and a way of living through singing in general. “Lavia has a long and strong tradition of choral singing since more than 100 years”, said Latvian Minister of Culture Žaneta Jaunzeme-Grende recently at an interview to Chinese media in Guangzhou this month. She pointed out that singing is not only a way of gathering but a pure way of living for most Latvian people. “It is our tradition and heritage and we want to show to others that this way of living is fantastic!”

Jaunzeme-Grende was one of the “choral singing witnesses” of the 1st Xinghai Prize International Championships in Guangzhou (November 2012) and deeply impressed by the warmth of the Chinese and their tradition in music and singing as well. The exchange and contact through cultural goods needs to be maximized and so she warmly welcomed Chinese choirs to join the international choral world at the 8th World Choir Games, which will be held in the Latvian captial city of Riga.

At the 1st Xinghai Prize International Choir Championships featured more than 160 choirs from 43 countries and regions took part. The Latvian choir Minjona, under the direction of Romans Vanags also took part. They won a Platinum Nomination in the catgeory “Female Choirs” at the Xinghai Prize International Choir Competition and also introduced the Latvian way of choral singing at the Interantional Symposium and at an official press event. The 8th World Choir Games will be held July 9 -19, 2014. The World Choir Games since 2000 have been held in Austria, Germany, South Korea, China and the USA.


Festival Events:

Programming/participants 2014:
  • Let’s sing and celebrate in Riga, Latvia – The European Capital of Culture in 2014 and the World Capital of Choral singing! Details on venues and more information will be published soon on our website.


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  • Come to Riga for the World Choir Games 2014!;


Practical Info:

Call for choirs 2014:
  • Choirs: We want to be there! What do the Austrian city of Graz and the Latvian city of Riga have in common? They were “European Capital of Culture” as well as host city of the World Choir Games (WCG). Since years the WCG have been a magnet for choirs from all over saying: “We want to be there!” Graz (Austria) was European Capital of Culture in 2003 and later it was host for the World Choir Games 2008 and other INTERKULTUR competitions in 2011 and 2013. The capital of Latvia, Riga will be the 2014 European Capital of Culture. It will showcase the country’s culture to the international audience. The famous World Choir Games will provide special support and attraction from July 9 to 19, 2014.
    “Riga is an amazing and charming city for each wallet and visitors of every age. It’s especially important for events like the World Choir Games which attract participants from different culture groups,” says Constanze Grininger, project manager of the World Choir Games 2014 and a Graz resident. “Since weeks we’ve been hearing from choirs: ‘We want to be there!’ What a great deal of praise for the city of Riga.”
    The World Choir Games are the most popular international INTERKULTUR competition. They’re taking place every two years in different countries. In July 2012 choirs of the world were singing in Cincinnati, USA. American choirs are already interested in coming to Europe in 2014. Please find more information on the event at


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