Sangeet Nritya Utsav

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Country and Region IndiaDelhi
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Literary, Music
Location of Festival New Delhi, Delhi, India
Festival Contact Information

India World Cultural Forum
4/283, 1st Floor, Subhash Nagar
New Delhi, 110027
Phone: +91 011-25126634

Festival Description

India World Cultural Forum (IWCF) a leading cultural organization established in New Delhi, India to promote world culture & its heritage through performing arts is celebrating its Annual Sangeet Nritya Utsav in collaboration with India Habitat Centre, Epicentre, Lok Kala Manch & The Attic.

The Utsav is dedicated towards raising awareness and protecting the rich cultural heritage which is a part of the glorious history of our country and with a view to sensitize the youth who are the future generation and inculcate in them a healthy value system towards their own heritage. Explore the rich heritage of this multilingual and multicultural nation with this Utsav.

The nature of the Utsav is to include such fundamental objectives as: asking both young as well as renowned composers to prepare their compositions, supporting young artists, establishing a strong and international reputation of the festival by creating unique projects that will be performed exclusively during our festival. This year’s edition of the festival is a natural continuation of the process that started two years ago.

Festival Dates March 16 - 20, 2013
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Festival Story:

The five days of the festival will bring various cultures alive and will have multiple events at different locations, all open to the public on first-come-first-served basis free of charge. Music which inspire thought from different parts of India - some soul-touching and some foot-tapping, Dancers who seek to express the theme of the Utsav through their, wall of expression form IWCF 3rd Annual Sangeet Nritya Utsav.

India World Cultural Forum (IWCF) prides itself as an organization established in New Delhi, India to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the rich and diverse cultures of the countries by connecting people, ideas and resources.

The main aim of IWCF is friendship through world culture. Make friends from many countries and discover new cultures, understanding families through culture, strengthening connections, knowing and understanding each other better, mutual respect, celebrating one’s history, exercising citizenship together. Its vision to achieve harmony and understanding between people of different cultures through music, theater, dance, folk, crafts, literature, poetry, cinema, visual arts, meditation & cuisine’s.

IWCF represents individual artists and cultural activists, cultural organizations and creative industries. We come from all continents, sectors and disciplines of the cultural community, ranging from new media artists to traditional artisans.

The IWCF is dedicated to advancing a psychology of peace to bridge the boundaries of nationality, race, religion and gender. We envision a world enriched rather than divided by diversity. IWCF brings people together from various arts, sciences, and philosophies, and from diverse cultures, to explore new ways of thinking and problem solving. A Culture of Peace is a manifestation of the creative spirit that unites humanity. India World Cultural Forum members include reputed Dance, Music & Theatre Companies, Foundations, Trusts, Organizations, Institutions, Eminent Artists, Speakers, Festival Organizers, Culture enthusiasts, Individuals, Practitioner, Educator’s, Artists’ managers from all over the globe.


Festival Events:

Programming 2013:
  • Theme
    • The Utsav is dedicated to Safe & Secure, in particular to make women’s lives more safe and secure & to changing attitudes and ending all forms of gender-based violence, which plagues every country in the world.” We’d like to encourage you to make this year’s festival a life-changing experience for someone.
  • Program
    • The Utsav not only provides the opportunity to experience great music and dance, but it also offers the opportunity to be bring awareness and protecting the rich cultural heritage in India & abroad which is a part of the glorious history of our country and with a view to sensitize the youth who are the future generation and inculcate in them a healthy value system towards their own heritage. Acclaimed dancers and musicians from all over India take part in the utsav and showcase their talent in front of the selected and appreciative audience.
  • Participant’s informaion
    • We invite artists/groups from across the globe who would like to be part of this grand Utsav. Those interested please send your confirmation along with synopsis, 3 large high resolution performing pictures and audio & video. The duration of the dance performance should not be more then 10 minutes for solo, 15 minutes for duet, 20 minutes for group presentation and not more then 30 minutes for music performance. The dance performance can be either on live music or recorded music.
  • For more information
    • Details regarding participation please click at


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