Perm Festival

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Country and Region RussiaVolga Federal Distict
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival Perm, Volga Federal Distict, Russia
Festival Contact Information

Makar Herman, Chief of Staff
Maksim Kunin, Programming Director
Vera Ivanova, PR

Festival Description

The festival is an innovative initiative that encourages and supports human creativity — an important resource for development and competition, for it is human initiatives that form a positive image of a region. Cultural heritage and development are intrinsically tied to a region’s socio-economic health and growth of tourism, as well as improving the quality of life with the international cultural integration. The Perm Festival, or the International Festival of Contemporary Art and Culture “White Nights in Perm” is seen as one of the important projects for the implementation of the new emphasis on the cultural development of the Perm region and serves as a model as the European Capital of Culture.

Festival Dates June 1 - 24, 2012
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Festival Events:

Feature 2012:
  • Cardboardkamsk
    June, 5-24, 2012, from 1:00pm to 8:00pm, free entrance
    • A Cardboard town “White nights in Perm” (city esplanade). In 2009, we began our international campaign with “Pahvistan”, a Cardboard Town built during the Helsinki Festival (6 days). After this great success in Helsinki — the first brick in the foundation of an international Cardboardia community — we would like to make more materialization’s in other countries. Children friendly Town — Among other things, Cardboardia is a strong bridge between people of all ages. Cardboard Towns create a magic space where children can work side by side with parents to build “houses” and other structures. Participants can immediately open some kind of family business and run it together for a day or two. Cardboard Town also awakens other kinds of creativity, giving space for any kind of performance within the town. It is also possible to invite theater groups, street actors, visual artists, and circus performers to make some show, play or concert in the Cardboard Town center square. But the focus is not on such professional performers. The streets of Cardboard Town are a place where all kinds of people have an opportunity to express themselves. This is the central idea of Cardboardia.
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