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Country and Region United StatesNew York
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival Albany; and Troy, New York, USA
Festival Description

MoHu Festival will celebrate its inaugural edition in October 2011. The festival is a collaborative effort among the community’s arts organizations of the Capital region and surrounding townships. The cultural festival features performing and visual artists from the region. The programming includes theatre, dance, music, visual arts and film.

The festival was initiated as a means for arts organizations to coordinate and collaborate on marketing the diverse and vast number of artists and organizations in the Capital region. The festival organizers aim to make it an annual event that marks Albany as the center of culture in upstate New York. The name of the festival is derived from the Mowhawk and Hudson Rivers that join together in the Albany area.

Festival Dates October 8 - 16, 2011
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Festival Story:

Executives from dozens of regional arts, cultural and entertainment organizations, notable dignitaries and artists and performers themselves gathered at WMHT studios in July 2011 to introduce and announce the MoHu festival.

The MoHu festival (or just MoHu) will raise awareness of the diversity and quality of the arts within New York’s Capital Region; the areas bordering the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, and the surrounding region. MoHu is helping to foster collaboration and cooperation between the area’s thriving arts communities.

Dozens of regional arts and cultural organizations, large and small, are participating in this 9-day festival. Several hundred events, from performances to exhibitions, gallery openings and lectures, will offer MoHu attendees a wide array of experiences. Spectacular opening and closing ceremonies will make MoHu the cultural event of 2011. It is anticipated that MoHu should draw tens of thousands of attendees to its mix of regularly scheduled events, specially produced performances and random acts of culture.

As moderator and host of the press conference, Robert Altman, President of WMHT commented, “Cultural and entertainment leaders have often worked together. MoHu will show how the power of regional cooperation can bring a host of our organizations together and create a tremendous impact on our region.”

Philip Morris, CEO of Proctors Theatre in Schenectady noted, “This festival will demonstrate the impact and reach of our artists and cultural organizations to our communities and community leaders. We believe this will be a model for future cooperative efforts in the cultural community.”

Jeffrey Lawrence, Executive Vice President for the Center for Economic Growth commented as a panelist at the event, saying, “The contribution of the arts to the local economy goes beyond the rarely measured financial and economic contribution to local communities. Arts and culture activities are drivers for our local economy and critical to the quality of life of our communities, high on the list for potential businesses and others who may be contemplating relocation. These nine days will bring expanded audiences into our region and be a celebration of the vibrancy and diversity that makes our area so great.”


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  • Arts groups announce new festival and ways of working together, by Tom Keyser (Albany Times Union, July 13, 2011)
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