Dublin Flamenco Festival

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Country and Region IrelandDublin
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Festival Contact Information

Nathalie Moyano González,
Peña Flamenca El Indalo
Email: natalia@flamencoindalo.com
Damian Power,
Peña Flamenca El Indalo
Email: damian@flamencoindalo.com

Festival Description

The inaugural edition of the Dublin Flamenco Festival will take place in 2011. Performances of dance, music and singing, both avant-garde and traditional, will take place at The Helix, DCU, with workshops (for adults and children), conferences, talks and a photo exhibition taking place in venues around Dublin.

Festival Dates October 19 - 27, 2012
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Festival Events:

Performances 2012:
  • María del Mar Moreno & Jerez Puro “La Esencia”
    Friday, October 19, at 8:30pm
    Venue: The Main Space at Smock Alley Theatre
    Tickets: €30 / €27 (concs & group bookings)
    Dance: María del Mar Moreno
    Singing: Antonio Malena
    Guitar: Santiago Moreno
    • “La Esencia” is a traditional flamenco show featuring dance, singing and guitar. It is simultaneously an exploration of the deep sorrow at the heart of flamenco, and a celebration of the joy it can evoke. Emotion in its purest state. In the words of María del Mar Moreno, “La Esencia is like finding the promised land - created from the flamenco rhythm, a warm light, the aroma of the winery - by diverse people who have found in flamenco a way to express life.” Watch a video
  • CANO “El Atlante”
    Wednesday, October 24, at 8:30pm
    Venue: The Boy’s School at Smock Alley Theatre
    Tickets: €18 / €16 (concs & group bookings)
    Solo guitar: Juan Antonio Suárez “CANO”
    • In the very atmospherical Boy’s School, feel the raw emotion of CANO’s playing. CANO is one of the most interesting flamenco guitarists of his time with a very personal and recognisable sound. He recently recorded a live CD/DVD with singer Diana Navarro, “Flamenco”, which received a Gold Disc in Spain and has been nominated for a Latin Grammy award. CANO also appears in the latest Carlos Saura movie, “Flamenco, Flamenco”. Watch a video
  • Belén Maya “Habitaciones”
    Saturday, October 27, at 8:30pm
    Venue: The Main Space at Smock Alley Theatre
    Tickets: €25 / €22 (concs & group bookings)
    Dance: Belén Maya
    Actor & “DJ”: David Montero
    • “[…] Rooms: Small private countries, islands you can flee to or escape from. And so, with rooms, our memory fills the past and reinvents it, laying it out until it builds the house of what we were. This is what Belén Maya does in this show: she offers rooms of her dancing and rooms of her life, combining memory and desire, maybe inventing what tomorrow’s home will be. She is joined by silence, by the images and sounds of her memory, the music that filters through partitions, the words, the things, the dresses and a man (an actor, a tireless listener of flamenco, an amateur writer) who looks suspiciously like her husband in what we call real life. And this man is me.” David Montero
      The show in Dublin will be in English and Spanish.
      Watch a video
Classes 2012:
  • Dance Master Classes
    • Instructor: María del Mar Moreno (October 15-18 and October 20-21)
      Venue: Liffey Trust Studios
    • Instructor: Belén Maya (October 28)
      Venue: Waltons New School of Music
  • Guitar Master Classes
    • Instructor: CANO (October 24-26)
      Venue: Waltons New School of Music
    • Instructor: Santiago Moreno (October 20-21)
      Venue: Liffey Trust Studios
  • Rhythm Master Classes
    • Instructor is Jerónimo Utrilla (October 26-27)
      Venue: Waltons New School of Music


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