15th Apostrof, Prague 2013

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Country and Region Czech RepublicPrague
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Festival Contact Information

The International Festival of the Independent and Amateur Theatre MB - Apostrof
Theatre Na zabradli
Anenské Sq.5
CZ11533, Prague 1
Czech Republic
Email: apostrof2011@seznam.cz

Festival Description

“The basic idea, that inspired creators to launch the first year of Apostrof festival was gathering of top Czech, Slovak and foreign independent, amateur and semi-professional theatres and also mutual friendly comparison of their work (especially the ways how to express different vision of the world through theatrical art)“. – says director Akram Staněk. “During the past 14 years, we managed to bring many theatre companies from all over the world to the Apostrof festival scene. We also created many theatre projects that Czech and foreign authors worked on, so that we established a cooperation with many festivals abroad. Traditional participation of Czech and Slovak theatres is within last several years enriched by groups from Hungary and Poland, so that the whole festival is getting some Central European or – if you want – Visegrad – sound. This sound itself is very colorfull and there is another possibility to watch culture relations with the far world. And only just to discover such – often very surprising – relations, is the main motivation for our annual effort to present to audience productions of countries that haven´t the possibility to be a part of the festival yet.“

The creators are constantly looking for a new theatre companies from all continents to approach and invite them to be a part of the festival. Also the traditional participants are invited to be a part. In few days´ programme there will be included the most interesting Central European theatre companies and groups from distant foreign countries that express together the Apostrof´s fundamental motto: “The theatre as the international communication language”

Festival Dates June 29 - July 3, 2013
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Festival Story:

From the very beginning in 1999 under the name of MB (apostrof) 99—the festival APOSTROF has been focusing on the confrontation of Czech and the Slovak theatre on the one hand and theatre from other foreign countries on the other. In this manner theatrical companies from Europe, America and Asia meet on the stages of Prague theatres NA ZABRADLI and DISK, both located in the historical centre of Prague.

The profile of the festival narrowed down over the years: particular dramatic genre and form, national culture, directing methods and ways of dramatic art, they all communicate through language that everybody understands and which is the only indicator for chosing the performers. Czech and foreign ensembles use a language which destroyes all the national boundaries—they use the language of theatre.

The idea to organize the international theatre festival of independent and non-professional theatres in Prague occurred to the members of the theatre Lucerna MB in December 1998 during their participation on the theatre festival Fiesta! ‘98 in Venezuela. The first year of the festival was organized in July of the following year with the participation of 13 ensembles from Czech and Slovak republic, Hungary and Venezuela. During last five years the festival hosted many theatre ensembles from throughout the world. The festival takes place in two locations—the Theatre Na zábradlí, and the Theatre DISK.


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Practical Info:

Participant’s information 2013:
  • Deadline
    • The deadline for receiving applications and all required materials is January 15, 2013. Deadline can be prolonged individually only in justified cases and under the agreement with the organizers of the festival.
  • Selections
    • Productions are valued and selected according to the sent records (without sending record of your’s performance you will not be included to qualification for the shortlist).
  • Finalizations
    • In March, there will be run consultations with selected groups about their technical requests, the final number of your participating members and about other important matters. According to the results of consultations, performances for program will be designated. The number and duration of the festival depends on the amount of funding. For three-days festival there will be chosen 8 theatres. Number of shows in program will rise by 3 shows on each another festival day. In any case, we will address moreover three alternates.
  • Subsidies
  • Contacts


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