International Festival Theater (Mezinárodní Divadlo International Festival Theatre)

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Country and Region Czech RepublicPlzeň Region
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival Plzeň, Plzeň Region, Czech Republic
Festival Contact Information

Mezinárodní Divadlo International Festival Theatre
Prokopova 14
301 35 Plzeň
Czech Republic
Phone/fax: (420) 377-220-748
Sedláčkova 2
301 11 Plzeň
Czech Republic
Phone: (420) 377-227-548

Festival Description

Among the main aims of the festival is to introduce the most outstanding and remarkable foreign productions together with a digest of the Czech ones, within a broad thematic and style scale of the scenes (drama, music, dance, puppet or street theatre). The festival regularly attracts attrention from both Czech and foreign press. Last year it had total coverage of 148 essays in the Czech press.

Festival Dates September 14 - 22, 2011
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Festival Story:

For over ten years, almost 100 productions from fifteen countries have been part of this festival in Pilsen. The festival combines big and small productions, traditional and experimental. There is always a segment of the festival which highlights the best of current Czech theatre. Pilsen is the capital of West Bohemia and was founded by King Wenceslas II. It is also the hometown of the Plzen brewery, maker of Pilsner-Urquell. Just as Pilsen is proud of its festival it is also proud of its beer which has been made here since 1307. You can taste some of this history at the Brewery Museum.


Other Sources:

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Podcast Interviews:
Articles and Reviews:
  • Festival international de Plzen 2004 : une nouvelle esthétique du théâtre tchèque. Danièle Monmarte (COLISEE, 5 novembre 2004)
  • Plzeň dvanáctá, leč nikoli tuctová. P.Pavlovský (Literární noviny. - Roč. 15, č. 43 (2004), s. 13. October 21, 2004);=983
  • Inspirace z ciziny a rekordní zájem. J.Paterová (Lidové noviny. - Roč. 17, č. 222 (22.9.2004), s. 18.);=28&d;=22&m;=9&y;=2004&dat;=20040922#clanek
  • Úvahy Postdivadelní. Plzeň po dvanácté. Vladimír Just, V. (Literární noviny. Roč. 15, č. 40 (2004), s. 12. October 4, 2004);=852
  • Zázraky i slátaniny. Ostrovní pohled na Plzeň a Nitru. I.Herbert (Divadelní noviny. - Roč. 13, č. 17 (2004), s. 14)
  • Od kukátka přes ulici až k pohyblivé zastávce. (Divadelní noviny. - Roč. 13, č. 16 (2004), s. 4-7)
  • Plzeňská divadelní přehlídka zaznamenala letos rekordní zájem. (Mladá fronta Dnes. - Roč. 15, č. 221 (21.9.2004), s. C/7.)
  • The performing arts in the Czech Republic: the theatre network, its function, system of financing and support, by Bohumil Nekolny & Ondrej Cerny (April 2000)


Practical Info:

  • Divadlo Alfa / Theatre Alfa
    Rokycanska 7 
312 00 Plzen
    Phone: +420 377 188 211
    Tel/Fax: +420 377 266 736
  • Komorní divadlo / Chamber Theatre
    Prokopova 14, Plzeň
    Phone: +420 377 323 624
    Fax: +420 378 038 062
  • Náměstí Republiky / Republic Square
    One of the largest squares in Europe: 139 x 193 m
  • Velké divadlo / The Big Theatre
    Smetanovy sady 16, Plzeň
    Phone: +420 377 322 594, 378 038 001
    Fax: +420 378 038 062


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