Montalcino Festa Della Musica

Montalcino, Italia
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Country and Region ItalyTuscany
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy
Festival Contact Information

Associazione Culturale “aMuse…” associazione Montalcino urban scenograpy e…
Via Giacomo Matteotti 47
53024 Montalcino (SI) Italy
Phone: +39 328 29 37 696

Festival Description

The annual Montalcino Festa Della Musica celebrated its inaugural edition in 2010. Located near Siena, Montalcino makes a lovely backdrop for the events — where historic buildings and streets serve as the festival venues! In 2011 the Theme of this year’s will be dedicated to Women — the participating musicians from five different countries will perform and in addition will be dancing in the streets! In 2010 the festival began as part of the Festa Europea Della Musica that was initiated in Paris 30 years ago and now takes place in multiple countries across the globe.

The festival’s web site will have a space dedicated to itinerant musicians to apply and register for the free stage space, as the festival will be offering them a good meal or two, wine and a basic set up for those needing electric means.

Festival Dates June 21 - 24, 2012
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Festival Story:

Montalcino was established during Etruscan times, with the first mention in historical documents from around 814 AD. The name comes from the Ilcinus, the oak tree held sacred in ancient times that grows abundantly in the hills about. Successively coveted by Siena and Firenze (Florence), many fierce battles were fought here, though the five towered fortress itself was never taken.

In one account, the besieged townspeople were holding out against the Firenze force, outnumbered by more than 10 to one, they drove off the army by throwing the beehives of the town — then as now quite famous for its honey — at the soldiers, who fled in panic at the sudden swarms of very angry bees. Famous as well for its leathergoods, the delicious passito desert wine Moscadello and the Sant Antimo Abbey nearby, it became world famous with the development of the renowned Brunello, made from one grape only, the San Giovese Grosso and the first wine in Italy to be declared DOCG, that produced an extraordinary, complex wine that has gone on to win mentions as the best in the world since its development in this minuscule and precious jewel of a territory, Montalcino.

Montalcino includes several “frazioni”, townships, five of which are hosting the Festa Europea Della Musica also this year. Torrenieri. Originally the industrial center of Montalcino, it was famous for the first automobile in the area and the first stop of the new train, 150 years ago, as well as a infamous stretch of very sharp curves in the famous automobile course Mille Miglia, now reduced to a few languid turns of the assisted steering wheel. Castelnuovo dell’Abate: Developped in response to the great Abbey Sant Antimo under its lee, this beautiful little town saw some of the most powerful people in medieval Italy pass under its walls headed for the Abbey and its omnipotent abbots. Camigliano. a sweet town with a quietly amazing restaurant and beautiful views, Camigliano once was the seat of Etruscan settlements. Sant Angelo in Colle: An extraordinary medieval town, immaculately kept, with one of the most romantic views in all Montalcino. Originally the seat of a fine castle and the vicarage for Sant’Antimo, it now houses two fine restaurants and many sweet flowered streets to explore. Sant’Angelo in Scalo: Now one of the more important of the frazione, Sant’Angelo in Scalo suffered during the war, and had to rebuild. A once active train station still adorns the town and an active population have made this one of the liveliest frazioni in Montalcino along with Torrenieri in the opposite direction..


Festival Events:

Programming 2012:
  • Thursday, June 21
    Venue — Sant’Angelo in Colle, piazza Castello
    • 19.00 sarata di musica lirica con
      M° Mattia Peli, pianoforte
      Astrea Amaduzzi, soprano
      Gabrielle Islwyn, soprano
      Aleardo Corbetta, baritone
  • Friday, June 22
    Venue — Sant’Angelo Scalo
    • 22.00 Renzo Rubino “POP” Tour con (musica rock pop)
      Renzo Rubino, voce e pianoforte
      Andrea Libero Cito, Violino
      Fabrizio “Faco” Convertini, Basso
      Andrea Beninati, Batteria e Violoncello
  • Saturday, June 23
    Venue — Montalcino, piazza del Popolo
    • 1.30 tradizionale apertura con musica classica dalla terrazza Salvioni
    • 18.00 “duo Amaduzzi Peli” Canzoni Napoletane e Arie di Opera Italiana Astrea Amaduzzi, soprano
      Mattia Peli, pianoforte
    • 19.30 “Le Forme delle Emozioni musica e cinema”
      Rino Adamo, violino
      Sergio Corbini, pianoforte
    • Dopo le 21 Tango tutta la Notte con esibizione di ballerini di tango e una lezione di gruppo
    • 21.30 Ornella Cipponi, pianoforte
    • 22.00 “Las Perlas del Tango”
      Donatella Alamprese, canto
      Marco Giacomini, chitarra
  • Friday, June 22
    Venue — piazza Cavour, Jazz in Giardino
    • 23.00 “Duo M2”
      Marco Marcuzzi, pianoforte
      Mario Milani, fisarmonica
    • 17.00 “L’Uoroboro Open Collective”
      Marco La Torraca, piano
      Michele Bondesan, contrabbasso
      Michele Bianconi, Batteria
      Dario Carnimeo - chitarra
      Tobia Bondesan, alto e tenor sax
      Lorenzo Losi, tromba
      Massimo Gemini, baritono sax
      Riccardo Filippi, tenore e alto sax
      Tony Cattano, trombone
  • Friday, June 22
    Venue — piazza Garibaldi, Cantautori
    • 23.00 “Isola Jazz Duo”
      Romina Capitani, voce
      Giacomo Rossi, contrabbasso
    • 18.00 Lorenzo Artegiani voce e chitarra
    • 19.00 “Barden Duo”
      Renzo Scoretti voce e chitarra
      Andrea Panconi, tastiere e voce
    • 21.30 Lorenzo Taccini ed il suo gruppo
  • Friday, June 22
    Venue — Giardini dell’Impero
    • 18.00 “tre fiori d’Assenza” da Bologna
      Il Rapsodico, voce e drummachine
      Fabio Fanuzzi (Fuzz), basso e synth
      Simple Carol, seconda voce
  • Friday, June 22
    Venue — Museo
    • 22.30 tradizionale Jam Celtica
  • Friday, June 22
    • 18.00 Stefania Tacconi in “Afrodite”
    • 19.00 Anna Belvedere in “Danza d’Inchiostro”
    • 21.30 “DILOBEL” Mario Belloni e Massimiliano Di Loreto. Spettacolo di Musica e immagini
      Mario Belloni, Dj, compositore, cantante, video maker
      Massimiliano Di Loreto, Polistrumentista, compositore, musicoterapeuta, ricercatore sonoro e video.
  • Sunday, June 24
    Venue — Castelnuovo dell’Abate piazza
    • Nuova musica etrusca e africana con
  • Sunday, June 24
    • 17.00 Fabrizio Bai progetto “Etruscology”
      Fabrizio Bai, chitarra
      Massimo Guerri, Sassofoni e Clarinetto
      Andrea Beninati, Violoncello e Percussioni
      Maurizio Costantini, Contrabbasso
    • 18.00 “Capman Stick & Drums” Jazz e Latin Jazz
      Atreio, stick
      Emanuele Pellegrini, batteria
    • 21.00 “FunKastiC” gruppo elettroacustico
      Kim Chomiak (england), voce
      Carlos Perez (argentina), percussioni Francisco Falconi (perù), chitarre
    • 22.30 “Griot Metropolitain”
      Brahima Dembelè, balafon, jembè, voce
      Paolo Casu, jembè
      Ettore Bonafè, dun dun, jembè
      Patrick Ouedraogo, danza, voce


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Practical Info:

Video competition 2012:
  • A video competition is being launched using the Festa and Montalcino as the theme. One of the prizes will be awarded to the most seen on YouTube next year at the 2012 Festa. Information in Italian can be found at: For english translation of details contact


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