The Easter Festival of Sacred Music (Velikonočni Festival Duchovní Hudby)

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Country and Region Czech RepublicSouth Moravian Region
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Brno, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic
Festival Contact Information

Velikonočni Festival Duchovní Hudby
Uvoz 39, 602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Tel: (420) 543-233-116
Fax: (420) 543-233-358

Festival Description

The Easter Festival of Sacred Music answers to listeners continuing interest in concerts of sacred music thematically linked to the liturgically significant Easter season and presented in an authentic church setting. Since 1997 the festival has been held in the Catedral of St. Peter and Paul in Brno, under the patronage of the Bishop of Brno. The Exposition of New Music takes the presentation of diverse contemporary compositional trends by quality international performers as its goal. Its concerts have taken place in conventional concert halls as well as in untraditional spaces (brewery, planetarium, shopping mall lobby, atom bomb shelter, etc.)

Festival Dates April 17 - May 1, 2011
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