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Country and Region ChinaShanghai
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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Booking Hotline: 8621-6473 0123, or 8621-6473 4567
For Enquiries: 8621-6433 4546

Festival Description

Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival, originally named Asia Contemporary Theatre Festival (ACT), is a platform and a window of opportunity what Shanghai the international metropolis has to offer, for nations and cultures to show their own performance arts, and for artists to communicate, learn and progress. The ACT performances from various countries share rich contents, varied styles and the latest theatre technologies, presenting the best of artistry. Audiences, local or foreign, will be offered a choice of menu from a feast of eighteen plays on the ACT festival.

Festival Dates November 5 - December 9, 2012
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Festival Story:

Since 2004 the ACT stage has witnessed numbers of cutting-edge contemporary plays from Asia and all over the world. The audience benefited a great deal from the fresh audio-visual enjoyments in the multimedia plays, monodrama, physical theatre, contemporary dance, operas, puppet shows and other various kinds of dramas. Contemporary drama works is the lifeblood of a community’s and a nation’s art, and well reflects the innovation, experimentation and the aspiration of drama artists. Presenting original works that represents the spirit of the times and reproducing classic works still remain the aim of ACT festivals.


Festival Events:

Programming 2012:
  • The Sun Is Not for Us is among the eighteen plays presented on ACT 2012. Offered by Stage@leedstouring from University of Leeds, the play is adapted from four masterpieces of Cao Yu the renowned Chinese playwright, namely, The Family (Jia, 1914), The Savage Land (Yuanye, 1935), Thunderstorm (Leiyu, 1933) and Sunrise (Richu, 1934). The poignant splendor, the poetic style and the profound sentiments in the UK artists’ performances showcase their understandings of the emotional twists and turns of the Chinese women.
  • Red Rose, White Rose, another unique adaptation on ACT 2012, performed by National Theatre of China is also a blockbuster. Directed by Tian Qinxin, one of the most talented and influential new directors in contemporary China, who speaks in the delicate voice of the female to translate the splendor and desolation of Eileen Chang into a powerful stage work, has impressed the audience with nearly 200 presentations in over 30 cities around China.
  • Nil and Romance-s by two Swiss choreographers Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon from Compagnie 7273 have created a very unique, attractive and silent dance style. Nil shows a concept of integrated and flowing dance that mixed with African and Asian characters, releasing the synchronic beauty created by the composer Sir Richard Bishop. The dance of Romance-s is a modern love story in dance and pantomime with a strong touch to flamenco. The duet tells of the relations between a couple: their conflicts, their tenderness and all that exuding dramatic tensions.
  • A Christmas Carol by Eagle’s Nest Theatre will let you witness the transformation of a extremely greedy man to discovering his charity and sympathy, and learning to love. This year marks the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Dickens.
  • Da Men, performed by Fujian Experimental Troupe of Liyuan Opera will take you on a tour into the charming traditional opera. As a legacy of southern opera, Liyuan opera boasts a long history of 800 years. The performance is praised by experts as a piece of rare treasure and by audiences as a priceless paly of appreciation in the contemporary theatres. The dramas Feng Ru and All My Sons, the multimedia play Katastroph, the physical theatre Medea’s Scream, puppet show Bag Lady and other plays in various forms and of rich contents will be put on the ACT stage.


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Practical Info:

  • Arts Theatre — Drama Salon — Studio D6
    No 288, Anfu Road,
    Xuhui District, Shanghai, China


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