Movement Research Fall Festival

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Country and Region United StatesNew York
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival New York, New York, USA
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Movement Research
55 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009 USA
Phone: +01 212-598-0551

Festival Description

Movement Research FESTIVAL — The twice-annual festival explores contemporary dance forms through performances, classes, workshops, contact jams, multimedia installations, and discursive formats. The Fall Festival is shaped by Curatorial Advisors, who bring their own interests and ideas to specific festival events, in collaboration with Movement Research’s programming staff. The Spring Festival is produced by a team of artist-curators who determine the emphasis, shape and programming. Together, these two approaches allow for a varied investigation and exploration into current artistic concerns.

About the Movement Research Festival — The Movement Research Festival finds its roots in the Improvisation Festival/New York (IF/NY), initiated in 1992 by Sondra Loring (a MR Artist-in-Residence at the time) and Julie Carr. For five years (1999-2003), Movement Research hosted the IF/NY as one of its programs, under the curation of Programming Director Amanda Loulaki. In 2004, Movement Research created an artist-curator format and beginning in 2006, Movement Research established the festival as a twice-annual event. The fall festival is shaped by Movement Research’s programming staff in collaboration with Festival Curators, who bring their own interests and ideas to specific festival events. The spring festival is produced by a group of artist-curators who determine the emphasis, shape, and programming. Together, these two approaches allow for a varied investigation and exploration into current artistic concerns and reflect Movement Research’s mission of valuing artists, their creative process and their vital role within society.

Festival Dates December 3 - 8, 2012
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Festival Story:

This festival, founded by Julie Carr and Sondra Loring in 1992, evolved into a freewheeling event, spanning two weeks and many downtown performance venues including Danspace Project, Movement Research at the Judson Church, P.S.122, DIA Soho, Washington Square Church and The Kitchen. The mission was to celebrate the views of artists, their explorations, their edginess and their desire to create. International artists from the fields of dance, performance, spoken word, video and art came to teach, study, and perform, together and separately.


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Practical Info:

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    • Photo by Marc Solaris (Some rights reserved)
    • Collage, photo ©Anja Hitzenberger
    • Channel Z
    • Luciana Achugar, by Julieta Cervantes
Theme 2011:
  • Our theme, Devotion/Rigor/Sustainability, probes into the heart of these questions —
    • Devotion: In terms of somatic study, yoga, east meets west, a greater self, transformation/transcendence, layers, lineage, love
    • Rigor: In terms of practice, duration, endurance, discipline, influence, perseverance, exhaustion, break-through
    • Sustainability: In terms of economics, housing, family, friends, necessities, luxuries, recuperation, birth/death, environment, water, technology
Information 2011:
  • Performances will take place Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each night of performance takes one of these qualities as the guiding force, and one night embraces all three together. The MR Studies Project will investigate the nature of these themes by questioning the dance-making process, performance, and the heart/mind of the artist. The festival will include workshops with Leigh Evans (Butoh/Yoga/Dance Artist/USA), Miguel Gutierrez (Dance/Music Artist/USA), Julyen Hamilton (Improvisor/UK), and Raïna von Waldenburg (Actor/USA).


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