Game Play Festival: A celebration of Video Game Performance Art

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Country and Region United StatesNew York
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Brooklyn, New York, USA
Festival Contact Information

Mailing address:
Brick Theater
P. O. Box 1851
Radio City Station
New York, NY 10101-1851 USA

Physical address:
Brick Theatre
575 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211 USA
Phone: +01 718-907-6189
Fax: +01 718-907-3461

Festival Description

The Brick Theater has done it again. Consistently reinventing theater, the Game Play Festival is conceptually a brilliant endeavor. The programming includes adapted theater productions based on interactive electronic entertainment — video games and digital technology. The original video games we are all familiar with, as well as the most current games are re-imagined into on-stage performances for live audiences. The Brick Theater is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Festival Dates July 5 - 28, 2013
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Festival Events:

  • Appathon
    • In the spirit of the Greek Olympic Games and software programming Hackathons, The Brick presents APPATHON: a weeklong team-based performance competition using Droid and IOS smartphone Apps. All participants meet at The Brick on Sunday to divide into teams and plan the week. On Saturday at 8pm the teams compete at The Brick for audiences and glory. To apply visit
  • As if it were the last time (a subtlemob)
    Presented by cicumstance
    Music & Text by Duncan Speakman and Sarah Anderson
    • A subtlemob is an invisible flashmob, only its participants are aware of it. It’s like walking through a film, experienced on headphones, performed by you and hundreds of strangers. As If It Were The Last Time is about celebrating the present, about home, belonging and loss. 7/13 35 minutes FREE
  • Tabletop Role-Playing Night
    • Join us for a night of old-school tabletop gaming! Whether you prefer D&D;, Call of Cthulhu, or something else, come and rolls 20s with us! We’ll have an assortment of tables and DMs for you to choose from – N00bs and Experts both welcome!
      Sun 7/14 @ 9pm $5 (suggested donation)
  • Social Gaming
    Written & Directed by Amitech Grover – New Delhi, India
    • An internet performance event in real time between multiple cities. People separated by thousands of kilometers connect in real time through the digital medium, participate in an instruction-based gaming and interactive event which helps them understand each other better – culture, language, city and surroundings.
      1 hour, 30 minutes
      7/20 @ 11am
  • Chiptunes Dance Party
    • Party to 1980s/’90s video game-inspired Chiptunes performed LIVE with video game projections and playable classic video game consoles. Hosted by the up-and-coming dance fest party smasher, Doomcloud.
      Sat 7/20 @ 10:30pm
  • Rock Band Karaoke Night
    • Say farewell to Game Play with the ever-popular Rock Band Karaoke! Play on our giant screen to help the amazing Child’s Play charity (, which provides games for sick kids stuck in the hospital. Please purchase an item off our local hospital’s Amazon wishlist and bring your receipt to the party for free admission! We will also accept donations at the door. Sat 7/27 @ 10pm FREE with Child’s Play donation
SHOWS 2013:
  • Final Defenders
    Presented by Dysfunctional Theatre Company
    Written by Patrick Storck
    • The Konami Atari Alliance of Eden 3 is under attack by evil Queen Bowsera. Their only hope lies with a ragtag band of earthlings, each plucked out of their own time, each chosen for their unique gaming skills. They all had big dreams, but they never dreamed they’d become the Final Defenders.
      Sat 7/6 @ 9pm, Thu 7/11 @ 8pm, Thu 7/18 @ 7pm, Sat 7/20 @ 4pm & Fri 7/26 @ 9pm 75 minutes
  • Legendary, Maybe: 4 Machinima Theater Pieces Adapted from Livy
    Presented by EK Machinima Theater
    Adapted & Directed by Edward Kim, Translated by Carrie Thomas
    • Using characters from WoW, Far Cry 3, Minecraft, and other games, performers become “digital puppeteers” to tell stories from Livy’s Ab Urbe Condita, in which they combine ancient texts with modern technology to create an original theatrical experience that the New York Times called “an impressive feat of engineering, coordination, and storytelling.” 50 minutes
      Sun 7/7 @ 2pm, Fri 7/12 @ 7pm, Sat 7/13 @ 2pm, Sun 7/21 @ 12pm
  • Ligature Marks
    Presented by Gideon Productions
    Written by Mac Rogers, Directed by Jordana Williams
    Starring Rebecca Comtois & Mac Rogers
    • Jill can’t live without Terry. So it’s up to both of them – and Terry’s favorite online multi-player game, NOIR – to make sure she never has to. This noir comedy from the critically acclaimed, award-winning author The Honeycomb Trilogy and Viral charts a twisted romance between two of life’s losers as they take one final last shot to be something other than who they are. 75 minutes
      Wed 7/17 @ 8pm, Fri 7/19 @ 9pm, Sun 7/21 @ 2pm, Tue 7/23 @ 8pm, Thu 7/25 @ 8pm, & Sat 7/27 @ 8pm
  • No Oddjob
    Written & Performed by David Lawson
    • A solo performance exploring societal themes of video games, personal video game stories and the artistry of video games. No Oddjob contains stories about a misogynist getting angry over the end of Metroid, playing so much Goldeneye on NG4 that it seeps into your dreams, having sex fantasies about Laura Croft, and going into a moral panic over Mortal Kombat. 75 minutes
      Fri 7/12 @ 9pm, Wed 7/24 @ 8pm & Sat 7/27 @ 3pm
  • The Photo Album
    Presented by The Story Gym
    • A photo album was recently found hidden under the floorboards of a basement apartment in Brooklyn. But who did the photos belong to and what memories did they capture? Audience members must scan the photographs using their smartphones/tablets to reveal clues in augmented reality that send them on a scavenger hunt to find characters and collect lost memories. 45 minutes
      Sat 7/6 @ 7pm, Sun 7/7 @ 4pm, Wed 7/10 @ 7pm, Tue 7/16 @ 8pm & Fri 7/26 @ 7pm
  • That Cute Radioactive Couple: A Post-Apocalyptic Comedy
    Written & Directed by Charles Battersby
    • Ray was prepared for the apocalypse, but he wasn’t prepared to share his old fallout shelter with his new wife Jane. When nuclear war strikes, they find themselves trapped in a bunker built for one. Inspired by post-apocalyptic and dystopian video games like Fallout, Wasteland and Bioshock, this dark comedy has bittersweet fun with end of the world. 60 minutes
      Wed 7/10 @ 9pm, Sat 7/13 @ 7pm & Sat 7/27 @ 5:30pm
  • DOT; A Videogame with No Winner
    Presented by HOL
    Programmed & Performed by Henrique Roscoe
    • Dot, a videogame with no winner is an audiovisual performance with synchronized sounds and images, played by a “game console” built and programmed by the artist, and controlled by retro videogame joysticks. The instrument is completely autonomous and works without the need of a computer. The project was created with the idea of criticizing some aspects of videogames, but using its own aesthetics, sounds and characteristic graphic elements. 30 minutes
  • Targeting Eyes
    Presented by CoPuppet
    Written, Director & Performed by Semi Ryu
    • Targeting Eyes is a live game performance that explores the artist’s cultural and gendered upbringing in Korea, where she was raised to avoid eye contact and to avert her gaze. This performance demonstrates her personal struggle in social spaces, revealing her anxiety, which creates diverse mixed reality states. This project playfully provides a game space with the goal of targeting eyes in First-person shooter (FPS) mode, using this game space as a strictly governed space, with clear rules and goals. The higher level of this game presents her as a voice-activated virtual puppet, allowing her to freely tell her stories, being detached from her social body, exploring her own ways of “Being- In the World”. 20 minutes
      Thu 7/18 @ 9pm, Fri 7/19 @ 7pm, Sat 7/20 @ 2pm, & Sun 7/21 @ 4pm


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