Zagrebi! Ekofestival

Photos: "Fare Well" performed by Maida Withers Dance Construction Company
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Country and Region CroatiaGrad Zagreb
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia
Festival Contact Information

Kneza Mislava 10/1
10000 Zagreb
Phone: +38512455833
Fax: +38514855548

Festival Description

ZAGREBI! Ekofestival is a platform where all interested parties of the social, economic and political life in Croatia have the chance to show their projects and achivements in the enviromental protection and sustainable development sphere. Every year the Festival hosts different media authors who question the social engagement of art and eco matureness of our society with their work. The Festival attempts to promote the dialogue and co-operation between the individual and his society, with one goal – to make a healthier soacial and natural enviroment for the future generations. (

Festival Dates September 9 - 11, 2011
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  • MEČ ZA FOTELJU — FOTO: Biškupić `pobjegao` od meča s Labrovićem — Novom ministru kulture Siniši Labroviću mandat počinje u ponedjeljak u 8 sati, kada će zauzeti svoju fotelju u Runjaninovoj 2
    (Zagrewbbancija, September 11, 2010)—biskupic-pobjegao-od-meca-s-labrovicem_306873


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