Ambient Music Festival (Festiwal Ambientalny)

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Country and Region PolandDolnoslaskie
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Wrocław, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
Festival Contact Information

Wrocławski Klub FORMATY
ul. Samborska 3-5
54-615 Wrocław
Phone/fax: +48 (0)71 789 33 20

Festival Description

The Ambient Music Festival is organized by Wrocławski Klub FORMATY as a two day event to promote electronic music works by Polish composers and artists. The diverse genres covered include ambient, folk, minimal, lounge, healing and easy listening. The festival takes place at Klub Włodkowica 21 in Wrocław.

Festival Dates December 3 - 4, 2011
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  • Klub Włodkowica 21


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