International Theatre Conference and Solo Performance Festival

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Country and Region IndiaKerala
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Kollam, Kerala, India
Festival Contact Information

Phone: +9109985073625 India, or +330146591153 France
TeleFax India:+91922537384-89

Festival Description

The International Theatre Conference and Solo Performance Festival’s theme in 2009 will be “Body Kinesis in Intercultural Performance and Matriarchy -Performance of Motherhood”. The festival is a celebration of traditions, cultures and performances which encourage the sharing of history of international cultures and traditions. The conference and performances are seen as a method to reevaluate global theatre — its nature and elements —leading to discovery and to rediscover the past (history) through the theatre form.

Festival Dates January 18 - 22, 2009
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Festival Events:

  • Researchers, academics and consultants with research interests on Theatre and Performance Studies (especially those who specialize in intercultural studies)
  • Theatreactors, directors, artistic staff, production staff and stage staff who specialize or perform.
  • Graduate and post-graduate students in theatre, performance studies and related fields.
  • Publishers of journals and/or academic textbooks in Theatre and Intercultural Performance Studies
  • Students in theatre arts, art studies, art education, performance studies and related disciplines.


Practical Info:

Proposals 2009:
  • Proposals for the presentation in the conference are invited. Proposals can be either for the thematic part of the conference or for the contribution to the Practical oriented body Xploration workshops. The time duration of the presentation is 15 minutes. If the presentation is related to practical aspects it is 25 minutes. The participants can also present their theme using body Xploration techniques.
  • Individuals, who feel that the conference theme does not appeal to them, can of course still submit a proposal to one of the many Working Groups. The Working Groups are not bound by the theme of a conference, and have their own themes and methods of working.
  • Scholars may also submit topics of their own choice for consideration.
  • We regret to inform you that due to financial constraints we are unable to provide you any travel assistance.
  • Please contact:
    Paper Selection Committee chairperson
    Prof. Thulasidas, Head of the Department
    Centre for Performing Arts
    Kerala, India
  • Submission deadline: November 30, 2008
Registration 2009:
  • The registration fee has to be paid after the acceptance of abstract, the registration can be done at the venue)
  • Registration fee is Rs.750/-
  • Registration fee for research students is Rs.500/-
  • Registration fee for the participants from abroad is US$75/-
  • Registration fee includes access to
    • Conference sessions
    • Conference materials
    • Food and accommodation provided by the organizers during the conference
    • Entry to the performances organized as part of the
    • Conference
    • Conveyance to the venue as provided by the co-ordinators.
  • Separate accommodation other than the provided, can be arranged, but it must be paid by the participant. The co-ordinators can assist you in seeking accommodation in nearby hotels upon your request.


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