Between the Fences Festival (Mezi Ploty)

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Country and Region Czech RepublicPrague
Type of Festival Drama, Music
Location of Festival Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Festival Contact Information

Nedomysleno, s.r.o.
Nadrazni 68
150 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic
Phone: 271 721 361
Fax: 271 721 363

Festival Description

The cultural festival’s program includes music and theatre performances featured on outdoor and indoor venues. The festival which takes place on the Bohnice psychiatric institution serves to erase the barriers that exists in society between indivduals who are mentally healthy and those with mental disorders. The title of the festival — Between Fences offers a reminder to festival-goers that societal fences can be crossed and therefore understood by demystifiying the stigmas attached to metal disorders.

Festival Dates May 28 - 29, 2011
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  • Prague Hospital Is Unusual Venue for Festival, by Dinah Spritzer (The New York Times, May 25, 2010)


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