Two Open Weeks of Plavo pozoriste

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Country and Region SerbiaCentral Serbia
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia
Festival Contact Information

Theatre Laboratory Plavo Pozorište
Senjačka 3
11000 Beograd, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 2652 085, or +381 64 190 30 64

Festival Description

Theatre Laboratory Plavo pozoriste invites professional and semi-professional actors and directors to spend two weeks to work with us. Two Open Weeks of Plavo pozoriste is an opportunity to meet with our work through a series of events that include: workshops, meetings, performances, video presentations.

During Two Open Weeks our aim is to show participants our vision of theatre as a place of self-discovery, of communication, and as an open-minded space where some important things about the world that surrounds us can be said. The center of our attention is man as a human being—even the actor is a man, first as a human being, and afterwards an actor. Theatre is a place of human connection with life—not with life’s imitation.

Festival Dates July 18 - 30, 2011
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Practical Info:

Time-table/activities July 19 – 30, 2010:
  • Two theatre workshops for professional and semi-professional actors, directors and other theatre artists as well as theatre students. First workshop: From Myself towards Theatre, led by Plavo pozoriste director Nenad Colic; second workshop: The Dance of Memory, led by Plavo pozoriste actress Masa Jelic. During the work participants will be introduced to the methodology of work in contemporary theatre through specific work of Plavo pozoriste. The work is aimed at searching for deeper levels of expression and communication by researching completeness of action of thought, body and voice of a participant and freeing of his/her energy.
    • During the first part
      From Myself towards Theatre, participants will be introduced into basic ideological principles of work through series of exercises aimed at researching of actor’s personal obstructions, fears or shame which burden human communication even in everyday life, their overcoming and researching of personal reasons for making theatre.
    • During the second part
      The work, The Dance of Memory, consists of introducing of participants into basic principles of actor’s training, actor’s improvisations and creation of actor’s materials, which thematic frame will be defined in the course of the workshop. It is important for participants to know well by hart:
      —a short text (about 5 sentences long) – any text
      —text from a favorite part from a favorite book (5 – 10 sentences long)
      —a traditional song and dance from participant’s country.
    • Schedule
      The work will be held every day both weeks from Monday to Friday from 11:00am – 5:00pm (17:00) with one hour lunch break from 1:30pm - 2:30pm (13:30 – 14:30). Special program is planed for Saturdays and Sunday, July 25 is a free day. The workshop will end in Open doors program on Friday, July 30.
    • Additional afternoon/evening program consists of video presentations, performances, meetings:
      —Video review of Plavo pozoriste performances. —Video presentations of contemporary theatre performances.
      —Performing of latest Plavo pozoriste performances for participants of the program.
      —Contemporary Theatre – the Space of Open Mind, meeting with Plavo pozoriste director Nenad Colic and Plavo pozoriste members.
    • The work will be held in English.
    • Registration:
      For all information including costs, fees, practical information, registration form or any information about Plavo pozoriste please contact us.
    • Note: There is a possibility that Plavo pozoriste covers some expenses to participants coming from Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland,


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