New and Nearer Festival "Battle of the Arts Festival"

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Country and Region LesothoMaseru
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival Maseru, Maseru, Lesotho
Festival Contact Information

Supreme Performing Arts Theatre (SPAT)
Maseru, Lesotho
Phone: +266 58 088 033
Email:, or

Festival Description

The Supreme Performing Arts Theatre (SPAT) was founded by Mohono Mohono as a performance arts organization whose focus is to develop the national arts of Lesotho and to encourange and assist artists in developing their talent. SPAT offers their aspiring artists as well as those outside of the organization the opportunity to perform in front of audiences. This exposure provides a venue to display their talent and as a means of making a living. The organization encourages and trains artists through workshops and it seeks funding from outside of Lesotho in this endeavor. In addition, SPAT hosts developmental projects such as the transformation of the prostitution industry into and arts industry by encouraging and training prostitutes to become artists. Fundraising events to support such initiatives are organized by SPAT. Funding is also managed through sales of artistic works—Poetry, Music, Dance, Drama film scripts and stage scripts.

Festival Dates March 1, 2008

Practical Info:

  • Maseru Sun Cabanas Hotel
    12 Open Road
    Maseru 100
  • Available at Cardes, and Dunns store in Maseru M40.00/$6.50
  • Price M40.00/$6.50


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