Shrovetide Carnival (Užgavėnės)

Photographers: Keiichi Kagi, and Egidijus Skiparis. Photos courtesy of Vilnius center of ethnic culture
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Country and Region LithuaniaVilnius
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania
Festival Contact Information

Vilniaus etnines kulturos centras
Pamenkalnio g. 34,
Vilnius, LT-01114
Phone/fax: +370 5 279 1287

Festival Description

Shrovetide is a traditional holiday of the Lithuanian calendar. The street carnival takes place in the old town and is one of the merriest festivals. The cheerful festivities of the outdoor fete begins in the afternoon and by the evening Carnivalists spree (masquarade) and join in a procession that leads to the highlight of festivities—to send off the ghost ”Morė” with a ceremonial burning. Vivacious plays (including—Jorė, Kūlgrinda, Ūla, Versme, Ratilio, Vilniaus dzūkuliai, Gija, Giedra, Dobilio, Nalšia, Apinys, and Arinuška), adult folklore ensembles of Vilnius city, and folklore groups including Vertumnieki from Latvia, and Dunkelfolket, from Denmark join in the festivities. An exhibition of Shrovetide masks, ethno-cinema, traditional parties with dancing and singing create a wonderful holiday atmosphere…

Festival Dates March 6, 2011
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