Festival Shiriken

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Country and Region Republic of NigerTahoua
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Abalak, Tahoua, Niger
Festival Contact Information

Monsieur le Maire d’Akoubounou
BP 32 Tahoua
Phone: +227 96 88 91 85
Email: cbihim@yahoo.fr

Festival Description

Azawagh established Festival Shiriken as a means of development in their area that serves to further enrich cultural exchanges, social peace, and the promotion of the local cultures. Festival SHIRIKEN’s program includes musicians and dancers, artisans of the nomadic people of Akoubounou. The culturally diverse events are an instrument of promotion and the interconnectedness brought about by globalization.

The camel constitutes the companion of the nomadic populations—therefore the camel plays an important role in the festival. The “festival of the camel” presents the multifaceted nature of the nomadic way of life. The camel events include races and contests in this regard. Lastly, the festival responds to the outside world which contains immense tourism possibilities.

Festival Dates February 2009
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