Kondenz Festival

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Country and Region SerbiaCentral Serbia
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia
Festival Contact Information

Station - Service for Contemporary Dance
Email: kondenz@dancestation.org

Festival Description

The Station service for contemporary dance has a ‘holistic’ approach to the development of the contemporary dance scene. This means that we are trying to keep intervening on many different levels at once: in providing education for, and fostering the works of, young authors; in producing, co-producing, and engaging in international collaborations; and taking active part in cultural policy field through direct dialogue, pressure and interventions in creating new policy instruments for better recognition and visibility of contemporary dance in Serbia and in the Balkans.

The Kondenz Festival is a point of communication with the Belgrade audience and we are dedicated to presenting the works that we would like to see in our city. Since its founding, the Kondenz has been striving to place itself carefully on Serbia’s cultural events map. We noticed that there was a big gap between international guest performances at the major festivals and Serbia’s domestic production in the field of contemporary performing arts.

Our curatorial logic is that smaller, experimental productions, critical towards their specific environments, or questioning certain aspects of performance making, should visit Serbia more often. Communicating with the audience is an important criterion , and we want to question the prevailing models of understanding the arts as a form of entertainment. The general conception of the Festival programme was based on presenting the diversity and different potentials of contemporary dance today, rather than choosing a certain style or technique. The selectors’ goal was to introduce the Belgrade audience to a variety of performing styles, poetics, dance formats, as well as potentials in merging dance with the other arts (performance art, the visual arts, concert music, happenings…), and thus to provoke and challenge local artists to rethink their own frameworks.

In 2008, the format of the selected pieces was the solo, with focus on examining the nature of the solo itself. In 2009, we concentrated on dance and multimedia, and in 2010 we were concerned with the way different performances treat the audience.

Festival Dates October 21 - 25, 2011
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Festival Events:

Participants — artists, organizers, curators 2011:
  • Dalija Aćin (Serbia)
  • Maria Baroncea (Romania)
  • Virginie Bobin (France)
  • Selma Banich (Hungary)
  • Dragana Bulut (Serbia)
  • Maja Ćirić (Serbia)
  • Ingrid Cogne (France/Sweden)
  • Marijana Cvetković (Serbia)
  • Ludvig Daae (Norway/Sweden)
  • Dean Damjanovski (Macedonia)
  • Marcus Doverud (Sweden)
  • Pierre-Yves Diacon (Switzerland)
  • Ana Dubljević (Serbia)
  • Eduard Gabia (Romania)
  • Dušan Grlja (Serbia)
  • Emma Kim Hagdahl (Sweden)
  • Ivana Ivković (Hungary)
  • Anders Jacobson (Sweden)
  • Jana Jevtović (Serbia/Canada)
  • Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski (Macedonia)
  • Clément Layes (France)
  • Chris Leuenberger (Switzerland)
  • Kire Miladinoski (Macedonia)
  • Marko Milić (Serbia)
  • Manuel Pelmus (Romania)
  • Tehvan Ratsanik (Estonia)
  • Torvald Silver (Sweden)
  • Dejan Srhoj (Slovenia)
  • Rodrigo Sobrazo (Columbia)
  • Mårten Spångberg (Sweden)
  • Iskra Šukarova (Macedonia)
  • Johan Thelander (Sweden)
  • Rok Vevar (Slovenia)
  • Minna Wendin (Sweden)
  • Dragana Zarevska (Macedonia)


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Practical Info:

Festival history/future:
  • Kondenz 2010
    • The Bitef Theatre and the Cultural Center Rex, October 18–20, 2010
  • Kondenz 2009
    • KC Grad, October 9–12, 2009
  • Kondenz 2008
    • Center for Cultural Decontamination, March 8–12, 2008
  • Partners of the festival
    • 2008–2010
    • The Bitef Theatre, Cultural Center Rex, KC Grad, Center for Cultural Decontamination.
    • The festival is supported by: Swiss Cultural Programme, Belgrade City Council for Culture, Serbia’s Ministry of Culture, and the Jardin d’Europe programme (2007–2013).
    • Festival curators in 2008, 2009 and 2010: Dragana Alfirević, Dalija Aćin, and Ana Vujanović.
  • Center for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade
    Bircaninova 21
    Belgrade, Serbia


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