Good Fire Festival (Féile na Bealtaine)

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Country and Region IrelandDublin
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival Venues throughout Ireland
Festival Contact Information

Féile na Bealtaine
Information Office/Oifig Eolais
Oven Doors (Upstairs),
Strand Street,
Dingle/An Daingean,
Co Kerry /Co Chiarraí Ireland/Eire
Phone: +353(0) 66 915 108

Festival Description

Féile na Bealtaine's program offers a symposium along with a host of national and international musical events. The festival holds events throughout the Dingle Peninsula, and it appeals to adults and children of all ages. There are a number of art and photographic exhibitions and installations including Art from IMMA. A series of short films will be shown. Local, national and international drama societies will also feature. Irish evidence suggests that the Celts celebrated four main festivals, each apparently associated with fertility and the changing seasons. The festivals reflect more than just the annual cycle of farmers and herders, they also relate to the political and religious life of Irish communities. Bealtáine — Good Fire, connected with the sun’s warmth and the consequent fertility of crops and cattle. It was celebrated in Ireland and possibly in other Celtic countries. The festival was also associated with the Sun God ‘Belenos’ who was worshipped in Gaul, Italy and the Alps.The Irish year was basically divided into two parts Ó Samhain go Bealtaine is ó Bealtaine go Samhain.

Festival Dates April 28 - May 2, 2011
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