Planet Connections: A Theatre Festivity

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Country and Region United StatesNew York
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival New York, New York, USA
Festival Contact Information

Contact: Glory Kadigan
Executive Director/Artistic Curator

Festival Description

The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Inc. is New York’s premiere eco-friendly/socially conscious not-for-profit theatre festival. Fostering a diverse cross-section of performances, the festival seeks to inspire artists and audiences both creatively and fundamentally, in a festive atmosphere forming a community of like-minded artists. At the heart of the festivity are individuals striving to create professional, meaningful theatre, while supporting organizations, which give back to the community at large.

Festival Dates June 1 - 23. 2013
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Festival Events:

Full Productions 2011:
  • ANTENORA, Written by: Mike Poblete
    Directed by: Ruis Woertendyke
  • BOMB SHELTER, Written by: Kimberly Pau
    Directed by: Eric Mercado
  • CARRY ON, Written by: Jim Tierney
    Directed by: Diánna Martin
  • CECILE, Written by: Jean Anouilh
    Translated and Directed by: Victoria Crutchfield
  • CODE NAME: OPERATION LYSISTRATA!, Written and Directed by: Yvette Heyliger
    Music by: Larry Farrow
  • A CORDIAL INVITATION, Written and Directed by: J.C. Svec
  • THE DECLARATION, Written and Directed by: Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson
  • ETHAN’S PEOPLE, Written by: Richard L. Gaw
    Directed by: Rose Ginsberg
  • THE FATHER, Written by: August Strindberg
    Directed by: Oscar Mendoza
  • FIDELITY, Written and Directed by: Larry Schwartz
  • FINDING ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Written by: Elizabeth Taylor
    Directed by: Morgan Gould
  • GOLIATH, Written by: Rivera Takeo
    Directed by: Alex Mallory
  • HE’S NOT HIMSELF, Written by: Marc Silverberg
    Directed by: Michael Pantone
  • HELL IS WHERE THE HEART IS, Written by: Melissa Skirboll
    Directed by: Thom Fogarty
  • HUMMINGBIRDS, Written by: Jonathan Wallace
    Directed by: Karen Raphaeli
  • I AM SINGLE, Written by: Michelle Slonim and Adrienne Sterm
    Directed by: Michael Schiralli
  • LOOSE WOMEN OF LOW CHARACTER, Written by: Mary Belmont
    Directed by: Shauna Horn
  • THE OTHER DAY, Written by: Mark Jason Williams
    Directed by: Valentina Fratti
  • OUT OF ASKJA, Written by: Drew Larimore
    Directed by: Jesse Edward Rosbrow
    Directed by: Jesse Edward Rosbrow
  • SWEETER DREAMS, Written and Directed by: Duncan Pflaster
  • THE TRAMAINE EXPERIENCE: AN URBAN DRAMEDY, Written by: Tramaine Montell Ford
    Directed by: Bill Johnson
  • TULUPA, OR ANNE & ME, Written by: Shawn C. Harris
    Directed by: Sara Lyons
  • TWO DAYS ‘TIL DAWN, Written by: Tyler Ham Pong
    Directed by: Laura Sisskin-Fernandez
  • WANDERLUST, Written and Directed by: Leslie Guyton
  • WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, Written by: Maria Alexandra Beech
    Directed by: Michelle Bossy
Evenings of multiple one-act productions 2011:
  • GALILEO THE MUSICAL, Written by Marisol Tirelli Rivera Directed by Jenny Fersch
  • THE GOD PARTICLE, Written by Christina Gorman Directed by Joan Kane
  • THE MATRA INDIA, Translated, Adapted and Directed by Roi “Bubi” Escudero
  • INFLUENCES, Written by Fidel Fontenboa
  • FREEDOM TOWER, Written by Gabrielle Fox
  • FACE DIVIDED, Written by: Edward Allen Baker and Mark Brokov Directed by: Karen Giordano
  • THE MUTILATION OF ST. BARBARA, Written and Directed by: Mark Borkowski
  • MONSTER, Written by: Sabrina M. Patterson
    Directed by: Gregory Allen
  • HOLD, Written by Ruben Carabajal
    Directed by: Kelly Johnston
  • THE STRANGER TO KINDNESS, Written by David Stallings
    Directed by: Heather Cohn
  • ROPE OF SANDS, Written by Toni Seger
    Directed by: Reneé Rodriguez
  • WOMAN IN THE DARK, Written by Elizabeth Murray
    Directed by Erika Iverson
  • BECOMING EMMA GOLDMAN, Written and directed by Maggie Surovell
Readings (All readings will be followed by a talk-back in the lounge) 2011:
  • ALL’S FAIR (Six Western), Written by: Sergei Burbank
    Directed by: Leah Bonvissuto
  • BECKY NEEDS TO GET LAID, Written by: Olivia Lilley
  • DIALING FOR DONNA, Written by: Pam Monk and Stacy Glen Tibbetts
    Director: TBD
  • DISENCHANTED, Book, Lyrics and Music by: Nikki M. Jenkins
    Directed by: Aaron M. Pratt
    Music Director: Brad Gardner
  • FRACK YOU!, Written by: Laura Jacobs Cunningham
    Directed by: Katherine Bacon
  • FRONTIER, Written by: Robin Rice Lichtig
    Directed by: Joan Kane
  • FULANA, Written by: Felippe Ossa
    Directed by: Leah Bonvissuto
  • HOWLING HILDA, Book and Lyrics by: Anne Berlin
    Music By: Andrew Bleckner
    Directed By: Valentina Fratti
    Directed by: TBD
    Directed by: Steven Yuhasz
  • MARTIRIO, Adapted from Federico Garcia Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba
    Directed by: Glory Kadigan
  • MAYDAY! MAYDAY!, Written and Directed by: Dale Wakonen
  • THE ORANGE PERSON, Written by: Brian Rady
    Directed by: Jeremy Bloom
  • PIECES, Written by: Kristen Penner and Lorelel Mackenzie
    Produced by Violet Productions
  • PUSHING DAISY, Written by: Lauren Epsenhart
    Directed by: TBD
  • THE RECESSION CLUB, Written by: Christina Quintana
    Directed by: Tyne Rafaeli
  • STANLEY’S WORLD, Written by Alexandra Klausner
    Directed by Ryan Emmons
  • SWEET, SWEET SPIRIT, Written by: Carol Carpenter
    Directed by: Cristina Alicea
Full programming 2011:
  • Due to the extensive programming offered at the festival it was necessary to provide only abbreviated information on performances. For programming details including descriptions of productions, causes associated with the production who benefit from proceeds, and dates and times please visit the Planet Connections web site at


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