International Festival of Theatre "Butrinti 2000"

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Country and Region AlbaniaVlorë
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Butrint, Vlorë, Albania
Festival Contact Information

International Festival of Theatre “Butrinti 2000”
National Center of Mediteranean Theater
Rr. “Qemal Stafa”, Nr. 476
Tirana, Albania
Phone/fax: (355) 4 227 403, or (355) 4 364 150

Festival Description

The ancient theatre of Butrinti has been resurrected after 2500 years with the International Festival, which adopted the name: “Butrinti 2000”. “A Balkan dream”—is what the Festival seeks to fullfil through understanding, peace, cooperation, integration and human freedom of a Peninsula filled with commotions, legends and myths. Such historical, ethical and aesthetic synthesis became a reality through the International Festival of Theatre “Butrinti 2000”.

The “Butrintit 2000” International Festival of the Theatre shows up as a symbol of cultures’ confrontations and freedom of artistic creations. It is an open arena of the great masters of dramaturgy, who are brought to live through bearers of a contemporary reality. Taking into consideration primarily the antique, medieval and classical repertoire, the festival takes the shape of a returning back to the origins, toward the old-age temples: the theatre.

Festival Dates July 17 - 26, 2010
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