International Dance Theaters Festival (Międzynarodowe Spotkania Teatrów Tańca w Lublinie)

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Country and Region PolandLubelskie
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Lublin, Lubelskie, Poland
Festival Contact Information

Międzynarodowe Spotkania Teatrów Tańca
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie
ul. Peowiaków 12
20-007 Lublin, Poland
Phone: (48) 81 5360323
Fax: (48) 81 5360312

Festival Description

Since its first edition in 1997, International Dance Theatres Festival has been one of the largest cultural events in Lublin, and later also became one of the most important dance theatre festivals in Poland and Eastern Europe. With regard to its geographical location, the city of Lublin seems to be a very special point on the artistic map of Europe, especially after the expansion of European Union. The cultures of the East and West have clashed here for many centuries and therefore cultural events taking place in Lublin have formed mutual relationships that are friendly and peaceful.

The idea of the Festival is that it should facilitate mutual recognition and understanding, exchange of experience and ideas, it should also encourage the mutual inspiration of Poland and other East European countries and the “western world.” Contemporary dance is a special art not limited by any frontiers, and it does not require the knowledge of foreign languages—it is a fully democratic art. the high artistic and organizational level of the Festival is acknowledged by central and regional institutions: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Municipality of Lublin and The Lublin Voivodeship Marshall Office, which patronize and support the Festival from its first edition. Other important Partners of the Festival include: US Embassy in Warsaw, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Embassies of Canada, Israel and Norway, British Council and Pro Helvetia, who for years trust the organisers and belong to our main donors.

Festival Dates November 5 - 13, 2011
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